• .: Chapter One :.
    .: Killer :.

    The pitter patter of the rain tapped against the glass window. Sadness, I could feel it. With a room filled with people close to falling into a deep slumber and a teacher lecturing them about geometry, it seemed impossible to single someone out. If you have not figured it out yet, I could read minds, but it is not always clear. A feeling or a thought will dig into my brain and it is my job to figure the puzzle. After sixteen years living in this wretched world, I could match feelings to the exact victim. I'm a mind reader of sorts.

    "Mikayo?". I felt my crystalline blue eyes slowly open."Please pay attention". Mr. Calgo snapped. I rushed my hand through my silky hazel hair. My hair had grown to about the middle of my back. The immature giggles and chuckles echoed through my mind. If I did not have patience to deal with them, I'd probably reveal things they would not want people to know. I have no idea why I put myself through this everyday. Life would be much simpler if I stayed home. Almost everyone knows I'm capable of surpassing the greatest minds, but yet they put me through hell each and everyday.

    The bell shrieked as students organized their books in a neat stack. Mr. Calgo stared at me before dismissing us. There it was again. A hint of sadness, melachony in disguise. Someone in the room certainly had hatred seeping out. I grabbed my notebook off the desk and opened it. It was tattered, old, and beatened, but proved useful to me. The thoughts of everybody were jotted down in alphabetical order. I pushed a black pen out of the rings of the notebook and wrote 'melachony' on the page where it said 'unknown. I popped the pen into my mouth as I walked down the halls. It almost had that feeling were you were in the military. Same matching uniforms for the girls, white dresses with red and blue here and there. I hated it as much as the next rebel.

    "Excuse me...". A soft voice called for me, or at least I thought it did. Everyone around me seemed to have been muted. A pale boy with a gaunt appearance made his way over to me. Should I speak or let him continue? I kept quiet and some distance away. And then it hit me. A grayish-black aura lingered around him. The suicidal thoughts devoured my mind as sadness took over my body.

    "I've seen you somewhere before. Your sad, I could feel it.... It is almost a cynical kind of sad. Bloodthirsty, I presume". That word that escaped my lips, 'bloodthirsty'. Would he kill me now since I know? I had a feeling I was not directly on the spot, but then a smirk appeared on his face. A shine of a knfie from his back reflected against the lights of the hallway.

    "Move, goddamit". Fear stabbed me and I froze. My eyes were wide with fear. Self perseverance kicked in. I was almost thankful when I turned around and walked away slowly. Movement began to take place and I was hidden in the sea of students. Luckily, Mr. Calgo's class was the last period of the day.

    As I stepped into the rain, I was glad New York City was crowded. Psychopathic killers could not find victims if they could not point them out of a crowd. I held the notebook close as I uneasily made my way through the bustling sea of people. Happiness formed in the most gloomy weather. Happiness and joyous thoughts were combusting out of complete air. It was nice to know that not all people were out to kill. I've been in situations like those before, but this one was different though. Fear took over, that normally doesn't happen. I stuffed my pen back into my notebook and sighed.

    "I should go get some chips before I get home".