• Preface

    What do you think of a person being blind or death? Would you think they are eerie? On the other hand, should we mock them? What if I told you I’m silent but at the same time I‘m beautiful? Would you take advantage or just ignore me?
    There are secrets in my life I am not supposed to share with anyone… but why keep secrets? It’s better to know the truth then for the ordinary people who are still blind of things that aren’t suppose to be there.
    Clear shades of red and blue, one painting after another comes forward a small image toward my view, no matter where I am, or at it is sometimes there. Always beautiful and colorful with a soft melody just like a lullaby that’s endless to me.
    However, there are times that some are sinister, dark, and frightful drawings making me end up screaming at the top of my lungs, with fear and agony wishing for death whenever I see those brutal paintings.
    There are images that I can never recall doing or felt it. Some are just fairy like; others are like a black hole. You never know how deep it can be not until you come near it and at the same time, it sucks you in toward it.
    But there is one thing that is stuck in my mind that I can remember with out those images to guide me to it. I can still feel how painful it felt to me when I dreamt it as if I was there when I changed into something I still can‘t grasp onto …yet….
    I have it like a memory very distant from me but its still there, like a scar across my heart that never seem to heal in its strange bazaar ways:
    I ran towards the back door of my house seeing that I would never make it. I felt my legs were use-less for all the progress I tried to make, but I truly didn’t care. I forced myself to make it there feeling more pain on my back than ever before.
    Sweat creped from behind from my back, but it soon evaporated from the heat my back gave, making me gasp for air, dropping on the ground like a rag doll. Panic over took me making me think of a logical explanation for this repulse of pain it slashed at me.
    Even when I considered making a move at all it feels like someone had been whipping me far too long, still gave me nothing plausible.
    As I lay there with agony, silver drops of crystal started to fall on top of my head easing some of my throbbing spine. That is when an angel came toward me. As he kneeled down toward the wet ground and picked me up from the ground. Slowly my mind becomes a haze putting me in a dark but sweet slumber making everything around me black leaving me unconscious in his arms that cradled me to sleep…

    Chapter 1

    All I can seem to hear were those strange twinkling melodies inside my head, but I could not understand why my body hasn’t surfaced the dark water yet. I didn’t seem to breath right as I stand here listening to the sweet song that was being played inside me.
    Every nerve inside my head felt like a electric wire, shouting at me to surface or at least move to go and help, but that seemed to confuse me even more as I whisper myself why?
    It won’t stop screeching at me, so slowly, just like an old woman I try to move my left hand but it felt stuck and sticky. In a some strange way, I stopped breathing and I didn’t fight my body to bring fresh air to my lungs.
    As I thought the word fresh air, something inside me laughed with bitterness. Scaring me a bit but that didn’t seem to make me move an inch.
    Nothing seemed right to me anymore, somehow my mind was stuck but my heart has not stopped beating rough and fast, which I couldn’t hold myself anymore of the force it wanted me to breath, letting out a wild gasp.
    My vision was blurry but I found myself clutching the pit of my stomach that seemed to hurt me with pain. Just with that my eyesight started to gain it’s strength back slowly my vision turned toward the floor. I felt a weird bubble fill up my throat as if I had a knife rasping me slowly, making me scream at in uncertain way as I stare at a pool of crimson on my hands, feet, and on my lips….(to be continued)