• I could've seen it coming. I was just too stupid to see it. The signs were there:
    He didn't usually return my calls anymore, his smile was too thin, his eyes too cold when he looked at me. But I didn't even take a chance to think why ; I guess I was to busy trying to impress him, too busy wasting money on perfumes that made me break out in to rashes, or jeans that made my butt look bigger but left red spots where the seams had pressed against my skin. I didn't care though...

    I am Denise Lemeto. I am a student at Cherrybaum High, where I am a good student, yet friendless and nerdy. I am probably number two hundred and fifty three on the popularity list, me being last and Penny Leala being first. Penny is the Head Cheerleader at our school. She isn't one of those bratty super-blonde ones you see in the movies. She is brunette, and really nice. She talks to me sometimes, and she is nice, but we aren't friends. Especially since she has my boyfriend.

    His name was Shaun. He is tall, blonde, and WAS my best friend since we went to Kinder Care together. When we were younger, we would laugh and play, or sit and fantasize about how we were going to grow up , get married and move to a castle on a hill with ponies died pink and throwns with golden wood. We both knew it was just make-believe, but secrety I hoped we could keep the dream alive. We stayed best friends through sixth grade, until the End-of-the-year prom. a couple of our friends played cupid, then we were hooked.

    At the same time, I started to get acne and all that girl stuff. Shaun helped me through that, and was with me all the way. Still, after a while, he seemed to get less and less interested in me, and more interested in other girls butts. I often got mad at him when he flirted with them, and he got mad at me for getting mad at him. We often got in feuds. Then, I noticed the pattern. every girl he looked at or flirted with had on perfume and jeans, two things I couldn't afford with my allowence. Still.... I had to take the chance. For weeks I saved my small five-buck a week allowence, until I had enoug for a pair of skinny jeans and a bottle of cheap perfume.
    Hopefully, these would win back my Shaun.

    Will Denises plan to win back Shaun work?
    To be continued...