• Wiseacre came into the darkened coble stone room, seeing Edward sitting he joined him. "I hope you know what you are doing getting me to bring the duke here." He cautiously said to Edward. “Oh no don’t worry about it at all, it’s just part of the plan.” He exclaimed and with that there was a knock on the door. “Enter” Edward said coolly. The duke walked in the tiny room almost not fitting through the door. “Sirs” he said while nodding at both of the men and then he held out his ring, for them to kiss. But then Wiseacre spits on it. “Sirs this is an outrage” the duke screams and before anyone can come to investigate, Edward slits his throat.

    “Sister wake up” Anne cries nervously, to her surprise Mary wake up. “There is battle around us among us and right now in our kingdom. We will be sent to France secretly to make sure that we are safe.” Anne said. The princesses were in their castle room in Hampton and it was the middle of the night, suddenly their cousin walked into the room. “Sisters” her addressed them “you are to come with me.” They followed assuming nothing was wrong and were whisked into a waiting carriage.

    “Now sisters who is in charge?” Edward asked his two cousins “Not you and even with your trying you will never be!” Mary exclaimed. After the girls had gotten in the carriage something had just felt wrong, but the girls shrugged it off and they had wound up in a dungeon. Edward left the room frustrated an angry. Then Wiseacre started running at them with a blade spattered with blood. “DIE YOU FILTHY CHILDREN” Wiseacre yelled Edward came running and threw himself in front of the blade. Wiseacre saw what he had done and stood there in shock. The king came riding into the dungeon and saw the scene. Wiseacre was ordered to death and the girls built a monument in Edwards honor.