• Once, there was a very boastful cat named Janice. She always brag her things and her house. She always get a fight when someone don't believe from what she says.

    One day, a cat arrived. Her name was Nicole. Nicole was a very bright and kind cat. She was the opposite of Janice. When Janice heard about this, she quickly go to Nicole's house. She knew that Nicole would be her worst enemy beacause she was the opposite of her. She says to Nicole, "My name is Janice. I am the richest cat in this town. What's your name?". Nicole quickly answered her question, "My name is Nicole. I am new in this town and I don't know who lives here. Can you tell me who?". "Well, go to the officers and ask them if they would. Me? I don't want to because I am the richest cat here. I have a very big mansion, I have many maids, my owner is very rich and she takes care of me and she loves me more than her riches. I am her most wonderful treasure, and she would do anything for me. I liked her very much! Do you have all that I have?". Nicole frowned and quickly said, "You should not boast your things to me or to anyone else. That was bad. What if I had all what you have and much richer than you, what would you do? Will you be humble and nice? Well, I have all that you have. I am the pet of the richest man in the whole world and you are only the richest cat in town. I had my own mansion that is given to me by my owner. You only share your mansion with your owner. Well, I am not bragging my things. I just wanted you to learn your lesson. Do you? Well, you better get going. You have no friends and me I have plenty. That was the very great thing one could have. Well, you don't have one. It's is raining outside. No one will ever wanted to share thier umbrella with you, because they might get in trouble because they don't believe in you. You don't have all that you are bragging for. You are just a cat. You are not rich, your just poor. Better learn your lesson because the greateset treasure of all is FRIENDS.


    "Friends are the greatest treasure of all."