• +:Lost Star:+


    Humanity has always been seeking power. Whether it be from religions, magics, technological warfare advantages, or even special trinkets, they have always searched for a form of godliness.

    Less than twenty thousand years ago when technology was turning from its bionic ways back to arcane, humans began to believe that the sky held limitless power, and the higher they went into it, the more they became gods. That is what caused the once peaceful city of Aeorana to be lifted into the sky to become what it is today: a supposed city of gods.

    This, as one might expect, was not welcomed warmly by many people. Some formed rebellions that went against the idea of power in the sky, but all of them, save for one other rebellion force, were eliminated by the king's soldiers, shortly before the king was assassinated by his own son.

    The rebels who escaped the massacre created a rebel faction known as the Star Brigadiers, claiming that they would attack from the stars of night to show humanity the horrid mistake they had made. Soon, the Star Brigadiers began to change. Evolve, if you will.

    They evolved into an entirely different race.

    And they named this race Daen.

    The Daen people, since then, had launched several attacks on the Lost Refuge, and for twenty thousand years, the Aeorana citizens have lived in fear of this enigmatic race.

    Until that night...

    One night, under a full moon, a star fell from the darkness of space, landing in the middle of Aeorana. Humans went to investigate this incident and found it wasn't a star at all; rather, it was a Daen boy, and no other knowledge was to be had of his identity, other than the name tattooed around his arm near the shoulder blade. But nobody could read the strange Daen transcript, and were forced to therefore inflict a new name upon the child:

    Haru Yurubasa.