• once couple bought this nice home it was old but they can fix it up.So when the guy was fixing the closet he saw a little tunnel it was 2by2 small enough
    for a little kid crawl thourgh he went in it there was a room with drawings on it. The he saw freash blood then a gust of wind attacked him no windows were opened something black was right behind him it chocked him then the guy ran out
    night time 1:27 the guy heard a kid noise it was like "if you laugh you will die next" silence went in the room.......
    next morning the guy was watching tv and the wife was at work the guy watched funny movie it was a limo pulling up and it looked all fancy then a retarted guy popped out of the car the guy laughed then a thing choked him threw him on to the floor then out the window................ crying he was dead lying there dead on the floor then the house went up for sale again! but the demons still haunt there burning_eyes