• Unlike what most people think, elves don't have wings, those are fairies. Elves have fox tails, the pointy ears, the magic, the hypnotic voice, and the special ability to talk to animals. Then, the dragons. The dragons aren't horrible, huge things as everyone believes. They're actually about the size of a human, and they are civilized, they have governments and homes, and children.There were so many stereotypes that went along with being related to them both. I had planned to see the king and ask if my people could have a place in the village. I hadn't exactly gotten past the doors.

    They grabbed at my horns and tail knocking me into the wall. Didn't they know what I could do? The poor, stupid creatures.
    "Hey, Don! I have a question," one of the guards taunted. The one I assumed was Don threw me against the ground and nodded. "How does a dragon breed with an elf?" he paused and answered it himself, "VERY, very carefully!" I closed my eyes and took a breath, focusing on all of my energy. I felt the fire coming up from my mouth and opened. My fire wasn't ordinary dragon fire, it had elf magic in it. It spread towards my enemies. The guards opened their mouths and let go of my horns. The fire traced a circle around the guards and hissed. I closed my eyes and nodded.

    I opened the door and escorted myself in. The walls were made of stone, and the ground was bare. I smoothed back my hair, trying to make an effort to look NICE. I was drained completely of my energy. I could barely walk. Finally I saw the king's throne,
    "Half-breed! Get IT out of here! Get it out! Guards!" I grimaced. He was acting like I was a mouse or something,
    "I kind of had to kill your guards. They were attacking me. Sorry." I mumbled, rubbing my hands together. I looked up and smiled apologetically. The king screamed,
    "I'll kill you, BEAST!" he foolishly grabbed a sword and rushed towards me. I jumped above his speeding body and screamed. He was serious, he wanted to kill me. Suddenly two monster creatures came out from the hall way and stumbled towards me. They were both cyclopes. They grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me against a wall. I struggled but it was futile. I couldn't kill them, could I? He WAS the king, after all. That would be horrible. Who would rule the country,
    "Sir! Please, I just want to know if my people can have land in your village! We're starving!" I cried, babbling as I saw him rush up to me again. I called to my father,
    "Save me! Please, he's going to kill me! Please!" There was a roar and a gust of wind as the sword started to pierce my back. My father was the dragon, he tossed the king down,
    "W---why do you kill my daughter?" he growled, "She is--- a good heart!" the king's eyes were wide as he struggled against daddy. "She has come to request help, and you deny her not only that but also her life? What kind of sick b*****d are you?" the cyclopes tried to free their king, but were thrown down on top of him, "I have your people in my kingdom, but they are kind and majestic creatures. Do you think you even deserve to live, poor creatures?" they nodded and shook their heads at the same time. I took my time to run away from the castle. I silently thanked my daddy.

    Back in the forest my people were dancing. We were a tribe of half breeds, because we knew we had to stick together. There were half demon half faeries, half human half angel, and so on. We twirled around our fire hand in hand. The movements were magical, because we were. Our people were majestic. The wind and trees danced with us. Swaying in the melody of the music. The half fairy, half elves sang in a distance. The song spoke of happiness and equality. We had that here, but no where else. Tylon came to me,
    "Aislan, don't you have news?" I shook my head. Tylon had faeries wings and a human's face. He had bright green eyes like the grass. All faeries' eyes represented an element. His was Earth- kind, loving, and hospitable. Until you made him angry.
    "He said no. Again. And, this time five people tried to kill me."
    "Damn it!" he cried and started to fly.
    "Where are you going?"
    "To see Mother!" his mother was no ordinary faerie, she was mother earth. He was probably going to ask for a hurricane again, as if that helped!
    "Don't mind him!" Aditi cooed, fluffing my hair. "He's just a hot head!" Aditi was one of my best friends, she was half giant and half angel. I smiled when she had to crouch down to even look me in the eye.