• Eventually, this world changes. Humans are not the only ones that inhabit this world anymore. This ugly yet beautiful world.

    My name is Takeru Sakane, I'm a creation of the evil, dark world known as Hell, and this is my story. Demons, devils, and other creatures from Hell began to get sick of waiting for human souls to arrive to Hell by themselves, so almost all of them hid themselves under human disguises and left to the human world to lure more souls than they already got. More than we already got.

    Why? Because we all fed of those souls, and we were running out of them because our mortal enemies; the angels and other pure creatures from Heaven took them away from us, saved them. It's been centuries since this change; about six or seven.

    So now, every time either an angel or a devil is born, they are born under their human disguise; their human form. Angels have human forms too, you know. They need them to keep us on the fray.

    We got our true form later on. Thing is, I never got mine. It's been twenty-two years and I still haven't got my real form.

    But oh well. It doesn't mean I still can't kill. There was a question I always asked myself; could we actually decide to ignore our natures and send the world into perpetual, chaotic darkness in other ways than devouring the humans' souls just like that?

    I had a plan. I had always been aware that the human world existed because since the beginning of time, devils and angels have been in our duties, fighting against each other, influencing the weak, human minds into our sides. Our existence has affected theirs.

    So important are we. But not only our existence itself. The fact that we fought the angels with the power of our darkness, and angels fought us with the power of their light also lingered among the human existence with a critical weight of importance.

    So, because I hadn't earned my transformation yet, I was determined to make some critical changes. What if...What if instead of using our darkness to battle the light directly, we used it to battle their forces discretely and then used it to turn their main light, into our main darkness?

    To later unleash its power upon the Earth. I wouldn't defeat the angels and feed from the human soul like I was supposed to. For start, I couldn't; I needed my demonic form to devour any soul.

    Ever since I was born, I've been having to feed out of human food. You'd think that would affect me. But it didn't.

    It only made me smarter than my normal kind. Even smarter and stronger than my family. I wouldn't defeat the angels or mess with human souls at all.

    I'd create a greater catastrophe. The only way to defeat angels completely was by turning Heaven into a second Hell. And I could only do that if I managed to make an angel leave its duty, like I was determined to.

    I'd make an angel fall in love with me. That was the only way I could sink the human world into a doom its habitants never imagined even in their wildest dreams. Now, for many millenia, we've been told that bonding with each other would immediately destroy us.

    However, it was the only chance I had to take. I was prepared to die if I had to. But I would achieve my dreadful goal. I was compelled to. As I said earlier, what comes next is my story.

    The story of my mission undergoing. The diary of a monster.

    Oct. 18, 2011

    I hate this place. It's always been so cold, then warm, then cold again, then rainy, then windy, then hot, and so on. One of the many crazy things I despise about the human world is its weather.

    It's goddamn, changing weather. Why? My human appearance changes with every passing season, because of the sudden change of the weather, and believe it or not, my human disguise critically affected my techniques to lure humans closer.

    Now, I didn't lure them for me, but for my family. And even though humans are the most stupid creatures you could ever come across with, they are somewhat clever. You could say they are as observant as they are brainless, which is as much as I am a dark creature, which in other words even if it didn't look like it was as 100% true as this world was 100% full of ineptness, negligence, and greed.

    And I'm correct with the greed. I mean, sometimes, my people was stupid enough to reveal their identity to the human they were going to feed on. They told they'd give the human whatever his or her desire was, with no tricks or conditions, as long as they surrendered their souls in return; a fair deal.

    Humans never did acknowledge completely just how meaningful their souls were to us, so they accepted with no true second thought. After of what they believed was a painful, surreal nightmare, they found before them everything they gave up their soul for. But, without a soul, humans can't really enjoy anything at all, be it material or their so-called things their money cannot buy; a soul, for example.

    They couldn't even enjoy their human needs, such as hunger, thirst, sanitary necessities, etc. They were just fleshed-up piles of emotionless uselessness. That's how they ended up after my kind fed from their souls, oh, and when they were desouled, they were so easy to manipulate since they weren't able to tell right from wrong, dangerous from safe, so most of the time, my kind ordered them to commit suicide so their bodies would disappear and cause no more suspicions, and they actually did kill themselves with no hesitation.

    Sadly, I couldn't really cause this (I could manipulate them easily, though). I was walking by the street like usual, my hair and eyes now dark gray due to the cold, cloudy weather. I suppose it wasn't so bad.

    I was wearing my dark, long winter cat with my black pants, and even though the coat was the correct thing to wear in this weather, it still drew looks from humans. It probably wasn't the coat. No, it wasn't the coat at all.

    It was the fact that even if I wasn't able to transform into my true, monster form, I still released this aura only creatures of my kind could create. An aura that forced humans to approach us and socialize innocently and ingeniously with us, turning into our victims more easily. I hated walking around this area.

    It was a shopping center. I was naturally drawn away from those kinds of places, like two magnets that repel each other and can only be drawn together by force. However, it was my sister's favorite feeding place.

    I suppose it was logical. After all, it was true there were hundreds and hundreds of people; hundreds and hundreds of souls. I got on the bus, sighing.

    Immediately, as expected, my presence drew the humans' looks. I barely noticed them, and walked slowly to my seat. I looked out the window, bored.

    Finally, the constant stare of the girl behind me annoyed me enough to acknowledge her. I turned around. "What are you staring at?"

    "I don't know, you're just weird" The little girl said; she didn't look any older than seven. "Oh, you wanna see just how weird I am?" I asked her as my eyes turned to copper. Damn, the stupid bus driver had turned the heater on.

    "Wow! Your eyes changed their color!" The girl said amazed. I sighed, annoyed. "Ever heard of contacts...?"

    "Min, please, don't bother the gentleman, that's very rude. I'm sorry" The girl's mother said turning to me. I looked away. "It doesn't matter. It's okay, after all, she's still just an innocent child. She's actually very sweet, miss. You're really lucky to have a little girl like her."

    "Well, thank you, sir" The mother said. I hated faking so much niceness. I looked down; decided not to talk to her anymore, thinking to create a death for her, no one would ever realize...

    But then I gasped a little, feeling something. Her soul was sweet. The kind of souls my sister enjoyed eating.

    I assumed some dessert wouldn't do her bad. "Excuse me. Ma'am?" I asked without looking at her. "Yes?"

    "Could I, know what your name is, please?" I asked. "Oh. Sure, it's Suiko Kitachi" She said. I smiled, writing the name on a piece of paper.

    "A very nice name, that is. Do you have any occupation? A job, perhaps?" I asked, looking at the paper. "I'm a secretary" She said. "Oh, that's interesting."

    I wrote her physical description on the paper; writing her information would make luring her so much easier. "Could I know your date of birth?" I asked again. "Excuse me?"

    Yes, it was probably risky to use my powers in front of so many witnesses. After all, when she died they would ask for the people that talked to her during the last days of her life, and they would get to me. Or...

    Would they? When I thought about it, I realized it wasn't such a big deal. I was a devil, after all. I was able to do what I pleased; things humans could have never imagined.

    "Oh, please forgive my manners, I have not introduced myself yet," I said turning to her, my eyes finding hers. She gasped. "my name is Takeru Sakane. I'm a reporter. I was assigned to interview some of the citizens around this area, and I'd like to know if you'd like to participate."

    "Of course. I'd be glad to help out" She sad. I smiled in a warm, innocent way. "Wow, Mrs. Kitachi, you're very brave. I never expected someone to be willing to be interviewed so easily."

    "As long as it helps gentlemen like you" She said, I nodded and looked out the window. "Oh. This is the place I have to go. Mind coming along?" I asked. "Not at all, I love coming to these places."

    We got off, walking through stores. The girl looked around and asked her mother to buy her things, the way all children did, but she didn't listen. We kept walking.

    "Um, excuse me...Pardon me, Takeru, but where exactly are we going?" Suiko asked me. "Oh. We're only wandering about, I need to make some notations of this place" I answered with a kind tone of voice. "I see. I like these kinds of places, they're so full of familiar environment."

    "Hmph. So naïve. They certainly are. When I was a kid, I loved coming to the candy and comics stores all the time" I said. "Really? That's so sweet. I suppose you remember those kind of things every time you come here" She said. "In fact, I do. I'm actually glad my boss assigned me such a big center."

    We turned a corner and stopped behind a store that was out of business. "That's strange. I didn't know they had apartments that were out of business here" Suiko said looking at the place. I smirked wickedly as I told her the story; "oh, they do. I've been in this case for a while now. The owners and workers of the business all began to behave strange all of a sudden, and within a week later, they all died. What's curious is that the deaths followed each other for a matter of hours, minutes, even seconds."

    "My god, that's so terrible! Who could have done such a horrible thing? And how...?" Suiko asked. My eyes glinted bright red for a second as my smirk grew darker, however, when I turned to face her once again, I was simply looking at her innocently, with only a small, harmless smile. "That might be something we will never know, Mrs. Kitachi."

    "You're right...But, what are we here for? In such a scary place?" Suiko asked as Min slid behind her. "Oh. I'm just reviewing my notes. We should be nearly done by now" I said glancing at the scrap of paper I had been holding in my pocket. "Nearly done...?"

    A young woman silently stepped out of the shadows, walking closer to us. I looked at her a little anxiously. "Takeru...?"

    Min stepped closer to Suiko. The woman appeared, looking at me with her typical, dull gaze. She looked somewhat similar to me.

    In fact, she was my seven-year older sister. "About time you appeared, Kiyane. I was about to leave for good" I said smiling. "You weren't. I was a little busy."

    "With what, may I ask?" I asked. "Tsunaro was annoying me. He wanted to come. I couldn't trick him into staying, you know he's too smart to buy it when it comes to eating" Kiyane said. "HIYA, BIG BRO!" My two-year younger brother yelled. "...Tsunaro."

    "Um, Takeru, do you know these two?" Suiko asked looking at Kiyane and Tsunaro. "Well, of course I know them. They're my siblings" I said smiling. "Your siblings? Are they reporters too?"

    "Reporters? Is that really what you used to lure her, bro?" Tsunaro asked. "It's not like I had another option. She should be a good dessert, Kiyane, her soul is sweet" I said. "What are you talking about, Takeru?"

    "Awesome, I'm starving here!" Tsunaro said walking to Suiko. I stopped him, putting my arm in front of him. "Didn't you hear me clearly? I said she's a present for Kiyane. And plus, she's dessert."

    "C'mon, bro. Why didn't you bring something for me too?" Tsunaro asked. "I had no idea you were coming, that's why" I answered. "Well, little brother. Sad to break this to you, but it seems you'll have to lure twice as many souls as before."

    "You're not serious. Do you have any idea how hard it is to lure a soul I've never seen before from a long distance? Leave alone hundreds of them. Besides, why don't you do it yourselves? You have that monster form, what's stopping you?" I asked folding my arms annoyed. "Because you're even better in this than we are, bro!" Tsunaro said clinging to me. I pushed him down.

    "If anyone can lure so many souls without being suspected one bit, that's you, Takeru" Kiyane said folding her arms, looking at me dully. I kept looking at her, and then I sighed, resigned. "What do you want?"

    "I want fifty young male souls, thirteen average adult males', five female children's, and eleven teenagers'" Kiyane said. "And I want two-hundred, twenty-seven young female souls, sixty-seven males', eighty infants', twenty children's, and eleven teenagers' as well!" Tsunaro said. "Seventy-nine from Kiyane, plus four-hundred, five from Tsunaro, that makes it...Four-hundred, eighty-four souls?! What are you guys thinking?!"

    "What? We're hungry!&" Tsunaro said. "Why do you eat so much anyway?" I asked annoyed. "Hey, don't look at me, I don't eat as much as him."

    "C'mon, bro, hurry it up!" Tsunaro hurried. "Alright, alright! Just shut up already" I said closing my eyes. When I opened them, the iris was bright red, as well as my hair, and the marks that appeared on my face glowed.

    That was as close as I could get to my monster form for the moment. I started to release waves of attracting aura, spreading them throughout the whole center. "Four-hundred...Eighty-four souls...Four-hundred, eighty-four human souls..."

    I whispered this in my demonic voice, summoning the souls I wanted. "T-Takeru, what are you?!" Suiko yelled horrified. I crooked my mouth into a soulless smirk, and then glared back at her with my bright red, dark eyes.

    You...Will DIE, I thought. She gasped, stepping back with terror as Kiyane walked to her slowly, smiling a tiny little. I decided to look straight ahead as my sister dove on Suiko and began to devour her soul.

    The people began to approach the place where we were. The four-hundred, eighty-four humans I had requested. "Well, that was quick. Hey, you two. Lunch just got here."

    Ah, great, feeding time!" Tsunaro said excited as Kiyane wiped her mouth slowly, her eyes starting to turn dark red, the same demonic marks appearing in her face. "I ate the dessert first, Takeru" She said walking closer to me. "Doesn't matter."

    "C'mon, sis, I'm starving!" Tsunaro said as the people stopped before them. I rolled my eyes, and turned around. "Bon appetite."

    All the people yelled, trying to run when Kiyane and Tsunaro finally revealed what they really were, and started to hunt them down, one by one. But it was useless to try. We were devils, so it was impossible for mere, powerless humans to outrun us.

    I stopped, seeing Min shaking behind a cardboard box, whimpering. Smiled coldly, walking slowly to the box. It was impossible for humans to outrun us.

    Or hide from us. "Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You're scared, aren't you, little girl? Yes. I can smell your fear. I can feel your terror. I can almost taste it" I whispered as I approached her refuge. She whimpered more, trying to get away.

    I chuckled, making her shiver. Then I pushed the box away, and she screamed, looking at me in utter horror, screaming for Suiko. "Oh, don't worry, my dear girl. You will see your mother shortly. Very shortly."

    I snapped my fingers, and the girl moaned, falling on the floor, dying as I pleasantly heard the last feeble beats of her heart. I had stopped her heart from beating. After about twenty minutes, my siblings and I were walking by the streets as if nothing had happened in the back of that bankrupted business.

    "So, how's your plan going, Takeru?" Kiyane asked me. "Actually, it's running rather well" I answered. "I didn't get it when you explained it the first time. Could you explain it once again, bro?"

    "That wasn't the first time, Tsunaro. That was the FOURTH time" I said as my eyebrow twitched in annoyance. "Ohhhh...Still, could you explain it again?" He asked, I sighed. Then I looked over my shoulder cautiously, making sure no one was overhearing or anything of the sort.

    "As you know, I cannot transform into a monster, like you guys can" I said. "We know" Kiyane said crossing her arms. "Go on already!"

    I frowned, annoyed at their impatience. Clearly they were being really ungrateful to my careful details. Well, serves me right for trying to explain as clearly as possible.

    "Hmph. Because I can't feed from the human souls thanks to that, I am planning to create chaos in another way, not the way we've been educated. I will turn Heaven into a second Hell, and will unleash both of their powers over the Earth, condemning all souls to be ours to devour. Once I do this, there will be no sign of angels around to interfere, and I will finally become the dignified ruler of Hell, Earth, and Heaven. Everybody will suffer my eternal domain of chaos" I said smiling darkly and wickedly. "...All this because you can't devour human souls like we do?" Kiyane asked; I gave her a look. "C'mon, Kiyane, don't blow it! It sounds so beautiful, and...(Sob) Destructive...!"

    "It does sound very interesting. But...How are you going to turn Heaven into another Hell?" Kiyane asked. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO BLOW IT! But, she's right, though. How ARE you gonna do that, bro? Not that I'm not trusting you, it just sounds a little--" Tsunaro was saying. "(Chuckle) I already thought that over...And you're not going to like the answer."

    "I'm not liking it already..." Tsunaro whispered, scurrying behind Kiyane. "How are you going to do that?" She asked. I smiled as I looked at them, "my siblings. I will make an angel become infatuated with me."

    They kept staring at me; I waited for the expected reaction. "WHAT?!" They yelled together. "Are you insane?! How can you even think that?!"

    "You know doing this could destroy you, Takeru!" Kiyane said. I shrugged. "It's the only way to do what I want. And by the way, it wouldn't hurt me at all. I'm not planning but use the angel. The only one that will feel any love will be the angel."

    "How can you be willing to risk your life like that?! What would infatuating an angel do?!" She asked. "If I convince said angel to use its holy powers to please me, I will doubtlessly have access through the sacred portals that shall take me to Heaven itself. After I have used the angel enough, I will kill it, corrupting its home with its cursed blood" I said. "...Woow. That's elaborated."

    "But of course it is, you idiot! What I'm planning to do is complex, I'm planning to destroy the world here!" I said. "In deed it is. But...I guess you know what you are doing, since you created this plan and sound so darn sure about it" Kiyane said. "And, say, bro. What will the angel's gender be?"

    "(Sigh) A woman, of course" I answered. "Oh, awesome! I'll be able to rape her!" Tsunaro said excited. We stared at him.

    "What? We're going to torture her, aren't we? This is one good torture I have here! And we'll both enjoy it, bro" Tsunaro said; I punched him down. "I hope you know how hard angels are to locate. Unless they're in their true form, one cannot find them" Kiyane said. "She's right, bro! They're freaking impossible to find" Tsunaro said standing up in less than a second. "...I know. However, it's not as hard if you know what to look for. When they are in their human disguise, no human can equal such purity, beauty, and innocence."

    "Well, it really does look like you know how you're gonna do your thing" Kiyane said as we stopped in front of a building. "Um, can you two explain me why we have to be in college?" Tsunaro asked. "Do you forget everything you're told...? Because we need a convincing human profile to avoid investigation."

    "But, it doesn't make any sense! We could kill anyone that tried to investigate us and leave no trace behind, why in the name of Hell do we have to be among the souls we eat? It's completely disgusting!: Tsunaro said. "Because we want to save ourselves any complications. Besides, you two could use a little adjusting to the human world. To get to know it better" I said walking forward with ease. We entered the apartment where we lived together with our younger half-sister, Myralein.

    Myralein Tatsukiya was daughter of my mother and a human. Sixteen years ago, Mother was going to devour a man's soul, but instead she decided to abandon the three of us and leave with him, having a child. After having Myralein, she left again with another man, leaving Kino Tatsukiya with his daughter.

    Her father didn't want to have anything that reminded him of Mother, so he came to us and deliberately left his child with us. I ended up killing him because he pissed me off and because I held a grudge against mother. For some weird reason, though, I didn't hold any grudge against Myralein.

    "I'll take a shower. You guys can cook something for me while I'm at it" I said. "What?" Tsunaro asked, sitting up right on the sofa. "Hey, I delivered your food, now you deliver mine. You can order a pizza and take the delivery boy as a dessert."

    "Sweet!" Tsunaro said already on the phone. I sighed and opened the door of the bathroom, and found Myralein about to put her bra on. "...Oh, crap."

    She gasped, blushed, and then yelled so loud and high (oh, damn, my eardrums really suffered torture) it was heard through the entire house. Next I was in my room; Tsunaro was sitting on the chair beside me, looking at the side of my face that had the red mark of a hand. "What were you doing in the bathroom when she was in there anyway, bro?"

    "Shut up" I mumbled between my teeth. "My, my. I didn't know you were that kind of guy, big bro" tsunaro said. "I said, shut up!"

    "Takeru, you pervert!! How dare you go into the bathroom when I was there naked?!" Myralein hissed. "Oh, you shut up too! Like I knew you were there! Besides, you had everything on; you were only missing the bra!" I yelled, sitting up from the floor, glaring back at her. She blushed greatly, opened the door and threw a basket full of clothes at me.

    "By the way! There's your stupid laundry!" She snapped. "You fool! Why did you throw it at me like that?!" I yelled at her. "And why not?! You pervert!"

    "I am NOT a pervert, you idiot!" I yelled. "That's how you thank me after I wash all your clothes!" She yelled. "Just so you know I never asked you to wash them!"

    "You know what? Screw you!" She said running out of the room. "Hey, where are you going?!" I yelled, glaring at her from the door jamb. "What's it to you!"

    I growled angrily, and then dropped myself on the floor again. Maybe now I begrudged her. "Whoa...That was flaming."

    "Oh, shut up, will you?!" I snapped angry. Myralein was always annoying. After dinner, I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone anymore, so I just dropped on my bed and fell asleep. It wasn't really exciting anyway.

    Most days were actually rather boring; especially the annoying fights with Myralein. I dreamed of my plan. Of the angel I was going to use and then dispose of.

    I also dreamed of the dangers my plan would bring over. But these did not matter. I WOULD reach my goal whatever it took.