• “And this is where our tour comes to an end, the room that Queen Lucia uses the most, the tea room,” Princess Lorien said, trying to sound like a proper tour guide. Prince Samuel laughed at her.

    “You sound so funny when you’re not being a princess,” Samuel laughed. Lorien pretended to be offended for a minute before laughing with him. They were standing in front of a small wooden chestnut-coloured door that served as an entrance to the tea room. While Samuel and Lorien were laughing, the door suddenly opened and Mrs. Potts, Queen Lucia’s personal servant, stepped outside daintily. She was a small old woman and looked very fragile.

    “Oh, good afternoon Mrs. Potts, would my mother happen to be in there? I’ve finished showing Samuel around the castle and…” Lorien said before she was interrupted.

    “Yes your Highness, Her Majesty has actually been awaiting your return,” Mrs. Potts said kindly. She nodded lightly at Samuel and he returned the gesture.

    When the 2 royals stepped inside, Lorien was surprised to see Lucas sitting at the small table with her mother. Lorien tried not to look too enthusiastic but Lucas saw right through her. He chuckled quietly, making sure that the Queen couldn’t hear.

    Queen Lucia stood up and greeted Lorien and Samuel.

    “I hope you enjoyed your little walk. The captain here decided to drop by for some tea. Come, join us,” Lucia said, gliding her hands to point to the chairs. Lorien took the chair next to her mother which was right in front of Lucas. Samuel took the seat next to her.

    “So, how are you enjoying Bright Splendia Your Highness?” Lucas asked Samuel politely as he took a sip of tea.

    “It’s a wonderful place. I must say, this is definitely a kingdom worth protecting. Your army has done a great job but then I guess that would be because of the work of their captain,” Samuel said, smiling.

    “Well, I’m flattered your Highness. I’m sure you’ll take good care of the Princess when the time comes as well,” Lucas said with a huge smile on his face. Lorien shot him a look and Lucas tried hard to stop himself from laughing.

    Lorien took a sip of her tea.

    “Ugh, needs sugar,” Lorien said, reaching for the sugar bowl. Lucas’ hand got there first and their hands touched the slightest bit.

    “Allow me your Highness,” Lucas said, taking the spoon and adding some sugar into Lorien’s cup. Lorien cleared her throat to stop herself from giggling. Samuel noticed this.

    “Thank you Luc… oh I mean captain, how very kind of you,” Lorien said, slightly embarrassed by the slip up. Samuel and Lucia noticed and Lucia cleared her throat disapprovingly.

    There was a 10 minute silence. The only sound was the clinking of the china tea cups and saucers. Lorien and Lucas would give each other the occasional glance but it only lasted for a second. Lucas finally broke the ice.

    He conversed with Samuel about life in Translutia. Samuel seemed slightly uncomfortable at first but eventually he started to loosen up. Samuel and Lucas talked for half an hour before the Captain was asked to leave.

    “It was nice of you to come by Captain,” Lucia said, slightly stern.

    “Likewise your Majesty. Thank you for having me your highnesses Princess Lorien and Prince Samuel,” Lucas said with a small bow.

    Samuel nodded his head with a smile.

    “Likewise, Captain,” Lorien said with a smile.

    Lucas left and Princess Lorien and Prince Samuel went their own ways while Queen Lucia stayed in the tea room. She watched as Lucas went out the gates of the castle. Mrs. Potts entered the tea room with another teapot.

    “Constance, I’m running out of time,” Lucia said and sipped her tea softly and quietly. Mrs. Potts looked at the Queen but said nothing.

    While Samuel was making his way to his room, he couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable with Lucas. He knew that Lucas was a good man but there was something about him when Lorien was around.

    “Yes, you’re right Captain. I will take good care of the Princess, when the time comes,” Samuel said quietly to himself.