• I trudged outside into the rain, just reminding myself that soon the bus would come to take me out of the rain. I just hoped I would survive until I got there! I slipped and fell, face flat in a puddle. Typical Erin. I was known back at Kansas to trip over things that weren’t there. That’s just me.
    As I got closer to the bus stop, I saw a figure at the bus stop, slouching against a tree and bobbing its head. When I got close enough for him to hear me, he turned around. The boy had long, brown hair, and blue eyes,
    “Hi, I’m Erin.” I greeted him; my voice was even quieter than usual, “Nice to meet you.”
    “Hi.” he muttered. Then, he went back to bobbing his head and listening to music. He didn’t seem to like me very much, but he just met me! I thought of what would happen if I tried to start conversation, he’d probably walk away. That wouldn’t be very pleasant, so I decided to just stand there and pretend to be interested in a button on my sweater. “My name’s Joey.” he finally continued.
    “Cool! Hi, Joey.” no response. I pursed my lips. This was just horrible. The first person I’d met, and he already hated me. It was only 7:09. I didn’t want to stand here with someone who hated me! “Are you gonna’ get on the bus, or what?” he called. I laughed and ran towards the bus, how long had it been there?
    The bus was small, and smelled like smoke. I sat a few rows behind Joey. He was still bobbing his head, listening to his mystery song. He seemed to like music almost as much as I did. That was cool, I guess. I just wished we could maybe be friends. But, he hated me so much!
    “Hey! Are you new?” someone asked cheerily as they sat in the aisle next to mine, “My name’s Alex.” the boy had blonde hair and chestnut brown eyes.
    “Cool! Hi, Alex. I’m Erin.” he nodded.
    “Nice. Where are you from? You look foreign.” I smiled, I now knew some one who liked me, that was good.
    “I’m actually from Brazil. But, I just moved from Kansas.” Alex nodded,
    “That explains the looks! Cool. Hey, do you want to sit with my friends and I at lunch today, Erin?” I nodded, cool!
    “Thanks.” the bus lurched to a stop and spewed some kind of black mist out of the back, “Ewww.” Alex laughed as we got off the bus. Joey was still bobbing his head and listening to music. He really seemed to be into whatever he was listening to.
    My first class was Physics. I had it with Joey, and unfortunately for him, I had to sit by him. And, he hated me so much!
    “Hi.” I said, “Sorry about this.” he looked at me, his face practically shouted ‘I don’t get it.’ “I mean us sitting together. I’m sorry.”
    “Why are you sorry?” I rolled my eyes,
    “It seems like you don’t like me… at all.” suddenly I sneezed, almost falling out of my chair, “s**t.” I muttered,
    “Uhh, are you okay?” he helped me sit up again, “Listen, it’s not that I don’t like you, okay? That’s not it.” I smiled and nodded,
    “So, are we cool?” he put out a hand,
    “Yeah.” I shook it graciously. Phew! “Uh oh, Mr. Verlin alert.” he mumbled,
    “Mrs. Andrews.” the teacher drawled, “Pay attention in class, it could benefit you some day.” I nodded and smiled nervously,
    “Yeah, sorry.” Joey muttered, “My fault. I started the conversation.” I widened my eyes but didn’t dare correct him.
    On the way out of class, Alex stopped me,
    “So, do you wanna’ maybe study for the test today, Erin?” I looked down and blushed, he was asking me out, “I’d really like to, ya’ know, get to know you better.” I nodded,
    “Sure. My place or yours?” he pointed to me,
    “Yours, mine is a mess.” I walked out smiling over excitedly.