• chapter 2
    the second generation
    Light pored in from the window that was open,a red head stirred awake and rubbed his eyes seepply and got up.His name was Sora,he was seven years old and just starting ninja acadamy.He walked down stairs,hearing his two twin sisters argue with there mom.Sora was in a group of tripulets,in order there was Day the oldest by a minute,then Sora who was older then Didi the youngest by a second."girls don't,please,don't blow up your breakfast" the blonde woman asked pleadingly to the two seven year old girls at the table coverd in egg and bacon pieces "but momma we dont like eggs,un" day wined didi got big eyes like she had an idea "no more eggs,un" she shoughted extatic and throwing her plate on her head smiling at her genuisness,there mom sighed like she was beat.She started to clean off her daughters when a red head man walked in looking shocked at the messy girls "uh,delilah need help there" he asked "no thank you sasori i got it from here,well.can you get sora for me"she asked "sure" sasori awnserd smiling and walking to the couch to get sora.He was looking at a picture of his dad *why dose daddy have blonde hair too,why am i so different* he thought,sora was very self-concuss he didnt look anything like his parents or sisters,sasori finally reached sora and sat next to him "hey bud wanna go eat somethin,it's a big day today" sasori asked sounding very fathery like (who knew) sora noded getting up and putting the picture on the couch "yes Oji,thank you" he said softly hugging sasori,then letting go and running to the kitchen.Later the girls were all but too happy to finally be going to ninja acadamy,sora was hiding behind his mom. They finally got there,seeing all the children running around and talking, delilah and sasori were trying despretly to catch up to the girls but were failing. "gah hey delilah im going to go sit by a tree if yah dont mind" sasori half wined half asked "sure sasori i'll go find the teacher and talk to him" delilah smiled,sasori nodded and walked off. "Sora i have to go,i want you to make friends here ok" his mom asked him,sora nodded and stood there after his mom left. After a minute or two he heard someone call him "hey kid,kid,KID?!" some one asked,looking up sora saw a boy his age with extremly pale blonde hair and blue vilot eyes "yah you kid hi" he said smirking holding out his hand "i'm ethan nice to meet you mr.?" sora spoke up "i'm sora" he awnserd shyly "nice to meet you sora" he exclaimed smiling.

    ~six years later~
    That was about six years ago from today,when ninja acadamy first started,now im a shinobi starting today,i'm at the exams.They changed a lot since the sixth hokage went to school,they hold the ninja exams out side as part of the whole thing,parents who come can see there kids on how the excellerated in school.It just started. "Hey yo sora you kid hi" my best friend ethan waved smiling dragging my other best friend kasey along "hi" i said waving back.We chated a little befor me and ethan got called out to battle part of the exams. As we walked out side we saw two poeple, ones name was Rou Uchia sasuke uchia's son and Aki his twin sister.They actily despise our family.

    Sasori looked around anxosly at the start,he always enjoyed the exams.To see all the students learn new jutsus and watch how the succeded (he turned into a iruka o.o).He scaned the crowed,quickly seeing a black headed man with a red eye signifying the sharnigan and bandages wrapping the other one with another black haired woman next to him,then seeing a man with silver hair and vilot eyes.Sasori quickly went down the steps to the silver haired man seeing there was a pale blonde haired woman sitting next to him.Sasori knew these too all to well. "Hey hidan,kisa hi" he called finally reaching them.Hidan looked up and smiled seeing sasori "hey puppet long time no see" he laphed kisa waved smiling.Sasori got a questoned look on his face "hey hidan do you guys have a kid?" he asked confused.Hidan's eyes lite up " hell yah dude,his names ethan,he just converted to jashism he acts like me and looks like his mom" hidan announced proudly "did you get laid" sasori shook his head "no sorry to dissapoint you hidan" sasori awnserd.Hidan sighed and saw the kids enter the arena,Sasori walked back up to delilah and sat.

    I saw all the parents and students on the bleachers,we approuched,shook hands and began the battle.

    Ethan began with a hand sign nin-jutsu "harem harem jutsu" he said out loud changeing from boy to girl.Every ones faces were ones of shock evean his parents."Would you please let us win" he asked with a high girly pitch blushing.The others gapped and blushed the boy was getting a noosebleed.Soora came behind the uchias and K.O.ed them with puppet master jutsu."oh right that was cool haha" ethan yelled jumping up and down being a guy again,sorra laphed and went towrds the entrance as his sisters entered.

    After awhile of battling parents were finally reunited with there children hidan giving his son a nod smile and then a hug,something sasori has never seen him do at all."That was very amazing ethan" hidan complimented his son who was nodding in agreement and smiling widely. Ethan quickly got down from his dads hug and ran towrds the crowd,comeing out shortly with a brown haired child "dad this is kasey,he's my best friend" he smiled pushing the boy infront of him who was now shakeing "hi" he mummbled,Hidan nodded smiling till he saw the fimilar tan skin and brown hair with the peircing green eyes.Hidan instintly got curious "hey your dad...who is-" he started to ask befor a fimilar vioce interupted him.He looked up and saw his old partner kakuzu. "Hey kuzu kuza hey its me" hidan waved at the nin "really..." the stiched man took another look at the guy who claimed it was hidan.He still had the same eyes,same muscular built figure,same silver hair and pale skin yet something was different about him."You change or what" he asked hidan.Hidan shook his head "not at all kuzu just been a while" he stated smiling.Hidan looked around again,ethan and kasey had run off somewhere.The every thing went totly wrong.

    We were,as in, me my sisters kasey ethan and our friend Katy Hoshikage were down by our favorite tree picking teams,they let the kids pick teams on the day of graduation. I was stuck with katy and didi, ethan was with kasey and day,and our four other freinds Seth and gary Uchia Itachi's twin boys,Tina Uchia Obito's daughter,and finally zetsu's daughter Xzia were fighting who should be on what team,when we heard a scream from a lady down by the village.

    Sasori helped delilah up seeing the place in ruins,someone had attacked the village,but whom. He heard a laphter like a snake was laphing at him,he knew all to well who it was. Sasori turned fersly only to be kicked in the face by a foot "GAH!?" he yelled in shock holding his face,it was cracked from the force but nothing much he couldn't fix. "Orochimaru why are you here" sasori growled trying to get up,but the snake ninja had him pinned on the ground.Sasori panicked he saw delilah get up and turned to her "delilah go get the kids" he wisperd.She nodded and started running in the forest trying to find all the children."Hehehe aww are you getting nice in your old age sasori old partner" orochimaru laphed in a radpy vioce that had always creeped him out.Orochimaru took out one of his snakes,it harding into a sowrd.Orochimaru held it firmly under the squirming puppet under his foot "i could kill you so easy right now" he teased "you let your gaurd down for once sasori".Sasori tried to sqirm out,being for once, scared out of his mind,who wouldn't? creepy snake guy pins you down,i'd be scared. A white bird seemingly made out of clay swooped down and blew up behind the two ninjas,sending orochimaru hurtling towrds the trees,Sasori saw what was coming and quickly went behind a close tree but still had wounds from it."Wha-what was tha-" sasori would have finished that sentence easy,but something had caught him off gaurd. When some smoke cleared he saw a flash of blonde hair,he knew it could have been day or didi,but he heard a fimilar vioce.

    The last thing i remember befor i went into complete unconcesness was the sight that danna would be ok.A little wounded and cut,but nothing a medic nin and he couldn't fix.I dropped to my knees and gave a weak smile to my danna.Passing out into a fimilar darkness.