• w/ demi and selena
    clan-*following them*
    chelsea and emily-*running tiwards them not knowing it's them*
    demi and selena-*bump into them*
    chelsea-WATCH IT!!!!!!!*gets up*DEMI!SELENA!!!!!!
    demi and selena-*get up*EMILY!CHELSEA!!!!!!!
    emily-*hugs them*i tought we'd never see u again!
    clan 2 -CHELSEA !!EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!
    chelsea-MEET US AT THE PARK AT 7 OK?!?!?
    both-ok we'll meet u there*run away*
    c and e-*run away*
    @ 7 at the park
    c & e-*walk to them*hey
    d& s -hey how are u?
    chelsea-great now that we see our sisters again!*hugs demi*
    demi-uuuhhhhhhh u were always my favorite sister*hugs back*
    chelsea-u were too
    selena-don't worry emily ur my favorite*hugs her*
    emily-u were too sel
    demi-hey have u seen our bros?*pulls awat*
    selena-they've been gone since we were 5
    emily-i know selly*pulls away*we'll find zac jesse,david and jake
    chelsea-i hope
    @ School the next day
    chelsea-so u go to this school?
    chelsea-*see's jason*who's that?
    emily-*see's cody*who's he he's cute!
    demi-i think that's cody
    selena-*reads his mind/laughs*
    selena-he thought y is that freak staring at me
    demi-don't worry we can't date anyway remember
    @ class
    demi-*taking note/see's the future*
    denorio-i bet they saw there sisters again
    migro-THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!
    migro-were gonna join forces with the other clan so were stronger when we see them
    denario-perfect plan boss
    migro-is'nt it always*laughs evily*i can't wait to kill them and do wat i did to their parents
    demi-*still staring into space*
    demi-*snaps out of it*huh?
    teacher-wat is the question this is a really hard one
    demi-*reads her mind*
    teacher-*thinks-she'll guess that it's 0.1234%[random]*
    demi-it's 0.1234%
    teacher-WRONG!!!!!!!!! i mean that's correct no one ever anwsered it not even the smartest people in the class how did u get it?
    selena-well it's obvious!
    chelsea-it's sooo easy
    emily-u can anwser that in no time
    teacher-ok then for all four of u wat's the anwser to this?*writes the problem on the bored*
    all four-*at the same time*EASY!! 0.1036%!!!!!!!!!
    teacher-that's ......... correct wow u four are top students!!!!!
    teacher-DETENTION TO THE CYRUS FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cyrus family-WAT!?!?!?!
    *bell rings*
    teacher-demi selena emily and chelsea can u stay
    4-sure*walk to her*yeah?
    teacher-can u tutor some people that are in danger of failing?
    chelsea-umm sure who is it?
    teacher-for demi is joe jonas and kevin jonas for selena nick jonas for chelsea jason dolley and for emily cody linley
    emily-*happy cuz it's cody*
    techer-so will u?
    all-sure but who are they?
    teacher-*smiles*BOYS COME!!!!!!
    all-*come back*us
    WAT WILL HAPPEN!??!?!?!