• Durring the summer i had the best time ever!!!!!!!!!
    I was walking threw a feild of Blackeyed susands, in my favorite dress my mom made me. When i tripped and fell, but instead of hitiing the ground like i prepared myslef for, i landed onto something soft. When i opened my eye's i saw i had tripped over this boys shoe and was now in his arm's. I got up and apologised and he smiled a beutiful smile. i blushed, but stopped myself.
    "Of course someone this nice and handsome had to have a girl friend."
    But we sat there and talked for i think three hours. we laughed and i told him about my life and how my mom died four mouths ago, i cryed and he hugged me and then he cracked a joke and we laughed then he told me about how he just mest up his dads cottan money, by messing up the crops. I said i was sorry, and that he should do a bake sale or something BIG to make more money. Then sun was setting and he stood up, and wipped off his overals. Then smiled his smile and helped me up. He walked me to my house which was on the other side of town. But he told me not to worry, and we talked more and more the whole way home. He dropped me off on my porch, then smiled and said goodnight. I smiled and said goodnight to him.
    Then i ran up to my room, and told my sisters all about him. Then my oldest sister said that he was Mel's boy, i sighed. "Of course i new it was to good to be true. Oh well, at lest i had fun."
    But thIe best thing happonded the next day, i walked outside before the sun came up, to get the eggs because all my older sisters said they wanted eggs, they always used me like that, but before i could get to the chicken house i heard the boys voice from yesterday, and my dads voice!
    "Oh no! was he hear to tell my dad that i need to leave him alone because he already had a girl!" I turned quick, and covered my mouth. But i stopped when i heard him ask my dad if he could date me! I wanted to run over to my daddy and yell "SAY YES DADDY, SAY YES, but i new i was out of place, ecspesaly since i was the youngest and i couldn't get away with as much because i wasn't as cunning as Max or Bella. Or as sweet as Beth. So i stayed and just listoned impasiently, then my dad said the best word in the whole word.
    But that boy told my dad not to tell me what he had asked him because he wanted to tell me and he had a surprise for me. So i dissided that i was time for me to make my grand ebtrance, i turned the corner and acted surprised to see him, and i walked over to my daddy kissed him on the check and told him goodmorning, i smiled at Josh, then walked into the chicken house, and got alot of eggs because, i wasn't cunning or a good sweet talker but the one thing i was good at was knowing what my daddy was going to say.
    "Hey Josh why don't you stay for breakfast, hey Sara, get more eggs."
    I walked out right after he said that and he looked at me, and i smiled at him, and he sighed.
    "Good girl thank you."
    I knodded my head and skipped inside and we all had breakfast.
    Six years after that wonderful day, me and Josh climed up into the tree that he planted on the spot were we first met because he said it was special ground, and we watched the sunset like we did everyday.
    "Hey Josh?"
    "Hmmmm?" He said with out moving. My head on his arm.
    "Do you love me?" Thins time he moved his head and showed his serious face.
    "Yes, why on earth would-"
    "Shhhhh... don't get so serious-"
    "But... if you ask me such a serious question like that of course i do."
    I laughed and kissed his forhead, and he rubbed my hand with his thumb
    "I love you to."
    After the sun set he hopped down then helped me down and then turned his whole body extreamly fast. I ran to his side and threw my arm's around his shoulder and made his look at me.
    "Are you ok?"
    Then he bent down on one knee, and pulled out a ring.
    "Sara Petterson... will you marry me?"
    "Are you stupid!! If you new how much i've loved you ever since we first met, and how much i met you right now, you wouldn't need to ask me that. JOSH BERTON....OF COURSE I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!"
    He smiled his smile and put my ring on my wedding finger then i threw my arm's around his kneck and he caried me all the way home.

    Two years later we had seven beutiful boys and four girls.