• The teachers all are bad but my friends are AWSOME! Lets see, there is Sophie Redrock (best friend/ Goth girl), Matt William (emo kid), Eddie Brock (punk kid), Leah Hilltop (Rock’n roller), and Miles Crash (Goth kid/ lover of Sophie). It’s so cute, Sophie kinda knows, Miles told me it as a secret when his old girlfriend left him last year. I hated her, she said that he was “too sensitive” when he saw her cheating on him with a football geek. Sophie almost bashed her head into a wall. (She is violent when she is mad.)
    The ex left to New Jersey, it as funny.
    We were all sitting at the lunch table, we always sit at that table and then Sophie and Miles walked in and there binders both said “Miles + Sophie heart ”, WHOLE lunchroom looked at them like they were dogs juggling five elephants at once. Someone yelled from the back of the lunchroom “OMG!!! THERE FINALY GOING OUT!!!!!!” it was Ashley Hull being sarcastic. All of us stud up in a fighting mode the song “Headstrong” by linkin park was going through my head.
    Ron pulled me down, and I said “you got lucky! scream
    Sophie and Miles yelled “YA!! WE’RE CLOSER THEN U AND YOUR BOYFRIEND, I MEAN GIRLFRIEND!!!” they throw there hands that were in locked together in the air! Ashly and her boyfriend were SO red redface . It was so cool, Miles and Sophie were never that confident before. When they sat down me and Ron said “oh, they are SO cute!” “I know they are almost at our level of cuteness!! 4laugh ” Ron said. We all started to laugh. They both knew we were kidding. It was a good lunch period.
    Sophie and I were walking to math and I said “well?” “Well what Carle?” Sophie asked with love in her eyes. Well as in how did you find out that he liked you?” I asked she said “well, he gave me a rose that had a card that asked if I liked him and I told him yes.” “AWWWW!! That so adorable!” “What can I say, I t was love at first sight!” Sophie said. “I can relate.” I said as Ron ran up next to me. “Ya, I know. heart