• Chapter 1
    Allow me to interduce myself I'm the walking next to what seems to look like the most handsomest boy in school. Yes thats me the girl. My name is Jake.
    I know a girl having the name Jake well jsut deal with it Okay?. Me and my best friend just ran away from home. Leaving police cars blaring at his and my house. So I dont care who would when your parents always ignored you and thought of work insted. It was always about work. I was sick of it why did they have me anyway? When they only cared about work. Rage bubbled through the more I thought about this.
    "Jake" Cal said to me.
    "Yes" I ajusted by backpack.
    " How much money do you have?"
    I sighed, I knew he was going to have more money then me.
    "455" I replied. I lied so I wouldn't suffer teasing.
    "3444" He replied smugly.
    I growled. Cal's parents were rich all they did ws give him a 100 dollar alowence and be done with it. I hated that.
    "WHy do you like hanging with me any way?" I asked.
    He went silent.
    " Because I was tired of hanging out with boys and you fun to hang out with you"
    "But all the girls at school have a crush on you" I said.
    "Ha"Cal grinned.
    "What" I asked
    " You do have a crush on me"
    "No I dont" I replied.
    "You said all the girls at school" He grinned.
    I dont okay. I like you as a friend"
    Cal nudged me happly.
    I sighed as we approuched the train station. The plan was to go to Boston on a train. I hated trains but Cal managed to make me.
    "I hate trains" I said outloud.
    "Well I'm very sorry but you have to in order to stick with the plan" Cal grrinned.
    I boarded the train Cal behind me as we sat down in a random spot. I started to get all nervous I was scared.
    "Relaxe its only a 24 hour ride" Cal said.
    "That really helps" I snapped.
    The train started to move. My stomache churned. I cluched Cal's hand.
    The whole reason that I was afraid of trains was because the last time I was in a train it actuley caught on fire and we all had to go out.