• Scarlett moaned and rolled over in her bed as her alarm clock started ringing. "Ug morning already?" she moaned as she pulled the blankets over her head. When whipped the back, Looking at herself and feeling her body for injury she sighed with relive when she didn't feel or see any marks or cuts. Putting her face in her hands she wondered, "What happened last night? Was it a dream?" Scarlett flashed a memory of the pervious night and touched her lips.
    "What was that?" she whispered.
    Slowly she got up from her bed and walked to her small washroom, stopping in font of the mirror she froze. The side of her long black hair was a long dark red streak, "How did this get here?" she asked as she felt it.
    She didn't remember dying her hair last night and the hair didn't feel just died, she felt the rest of her hair, “Actually my hair has never felt this good and shiny" she thought as she examined it in the mirror.
    "Scarlett you better hurry or you'll be late" her mother yelled from down stairs.
    Scarlett panicked "Holy crap! I forgot what time it was." Quickly changing and grabbing her bag she ran down the stairs like lighting.
    Running to the table she slid and sat down "So what’s for breakfast?" she asked, her mother turned around and frowned, "Are you feeling alright" she asked putting the back of her hand on Scarlett’s forehead, "Your overly pale" she added.
    "I feel fine, now wears the grub?" she demanded happily.
    "If you say so" her mother laughed, serving some pancakes to Scarlett.
    As Scarlett put on her shoes she could feel her stomach rumbled and turned, 'Maybe I am sick' she thought.
    Her stomach had started to feel bad when she was eating the pancakes but she threw the thought aside, grabbed her bag and walked to the door. Dark clouds battled above threatening to down pour on the small town below. "Better take my umbrella looks like we might have rain" she said to herself. Reaching back she grabbed her umbrella that was sitting beside the door, and then walked out the door.
    As Scarlett ran towards the school a vibrant clap of thunder rumbled through the sky.
    A man from a roof top watched Scarlett run, his long sliver hair flowing in the wind, his heavy dark cloak covered his body, the collar coming up part way to cover part of his handsome face but his dark violet eyes stood out the most from his features. He smiled as Scarlett ran around a corner and out of his sight. "It's only a matter of time" he whispered. Walking off the edge of the house he fell to the ground like a rock only to land on his feet as light as a feather.
    The mysterious man walked down the alley and disappeared.

    The bell rang for lunch. Holly and Violet had commented on the red streak in Scarlett’s hair, Scarlett hadn't been able to concentrate on any of her work, and her mind kept going back to last night, she shrugged off holly and Violet’s questions saying she didn’t know where it came from. She scrambled her brain trying to figure out if it was real or not "It seemed like a dream but it seemed so real" she whispered looking at her hand "What seemed so real?" Holly asked sitting down beside her.
    Scarlett jumped and hid her hand under the desk as if she was hiding something, "Nothing, just rambling on" she quickly answered.
    Violet came up from behind and slapped Scarlett on the back, "That was some concert last night wasn't it? Aren't I the best?" she boasted smiling at them.
    "How did you manage to get those tickets?" Holly asked. "The last time I checked they were sold out like two months ago."
    Violet shrugged her shoulders, "Some guy on the internet sold them to me really, cheap too. He said something about him not being able to go, having more important matters to deal with" she replied.
    Holly leaned back in her chair and stretched, "Well that’s his lose, wonder what was more important then going to a Sliver Cross concert?" Holly pondered closing her eyes and leaning back on the chair.
    Scarlett Suddenly a jolted as Holly screamed, her chair pulled out from under her and she fell backwards cutting the side of her arm on the corner of the desk and hit the floor with a thud. Scarlett and Violet jumped up and help Holly up.
    "Are you ok?" Scarlett asked.
    Holly rubbed her head "Just a bump on the head and a small cut on my arm" Holly turned her arm. Blood ran down her skin and poll on the floor. "You better go see the nurse" Violet advised, "You might need stitches." She added leading her to the door but looked back at Scarlett. "What’s the matter with you?" Violet asked.
    Scarlett was frozen to the spot; the sight of fresh blood had brought back the feeling of the previous night, her heart raced making her blood rush through her veins. She stared aimlessly at her friends as she fought to keep control.
    "Scarlett?" she heard the worried voice of Holly and looked straight at the two of them.
    Both of them suddenly inhaled sharply and stepped back.
    Scarlett felt that something was utterly wrong, hiding her face in her palms of her hands, she ran out the door and down the hallway, bumping into another student in the hall, knocking their papers down.
    Scarlett ran and ran until she thought her lungs would burst, when she finally brought her hands from her face she found herself on the roof top of the school, she walked over to the railing at the edge of the roof and gripped it tightly in her hands until her knuckles went white.
    "What happening to me?" she asked out lowed.
    "You’re awakening" a smooth relaxing voice answered.
    Scarlett whipped around to see a strange man standing a few feet behind her, his long sliver hair flowed lightly in the wind, with his hands in his pockets of his dark cloak. He stared right at her, his dark violet eyes almost burning a hole right through her.
    "And who are you?" she asked angrily taking her stance as if to stand up for herself.
    "Lance" he answered calmly.
    She was taken back by his straight forward reply, "What are you doing up here? Are you a teacher or something?" She asked.

    Smirking he answered, "No I'm not a teacher, I'm here just for you."
    With lighting speed he stood a foot in front of her and had his arm around her waist.
    "Let go of me!" she yelled trying to pull away, but she fell quite when he put up his finger softly to her lips and leaned towards her ear. His body covered hers, her chin came just past his shoulder without touching it.
    Lightly he whispered "Bite me."
    The sound of he voice sent a pulse through Scarlett's body. She looked at his neck and slowly leaned towards him, her mind screamed No! But her body had a mind of its own, she lightly pulled the collar of his cloak away as she bite into the side of his neck. Again she could feel what seemed like fangs sink into his skin and draw the blood, holding tightly to his arms she bit harder, sinking her fangs further into his neck. His blood seemed like liquid honey seeping into her mouth. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the flavored and feeling that swept through her body, then suddenly she let go, he pulled away from her, holding a cloth to his neck for a moment. Taking the cloth off the bite mark healed and vanished right before her eyes.
    With the cloth he wiped the side of her mouth "Almost didn't spill any" he smiled at her.
    Scarlett looked up into his deep violet eyes almost entranced by them "What are you?" she whisper.
    He lifted her chin with his finger and moved his face closer, his lips hovering over hers "I am the same as you, you just don't know it yet" he replied.
    Scarlett blinked and when she opened her eyes he was gone, she stood there in amazement "Where’d he go?" she wondered still in a trance, but it was broken when she heard Violet's voice.
    "There you are, I've been looking for you what happened back there?" she asked walking up to Scarlett.
    Scarlett slowly turned to face Violet, she froze, "What’s the matter with your eyes?" she asked fear stricken.
    "What do you mean?" Scarlett asked rubbing at them, when she looked at her again they were back to normal.
    "I could have swore your eyes were a blood red color just now" Violet answered looking deep into Scarlett’s eyes then shrugged "Guess it was my imagination, so what are you doing up here?" she asked leaning on the railing beside Scarlett.
    "I...I just needed some fresh air. That’s all" Scarlett answered turning to lean over the rails with Violet. "So...how’s Holly?" Scarlett asked trying to change the subject.
    Violet stood up straight "The nurse sent her to the hospital to get some stitches, lucky b***h gets to miss class for the day" Violet commented sarcastically, turning she walked back towards the door, "You coming?" Violet asked looking back at Scarlett.
    Scarlett hesitated for a moment searching around her, "Yeah I'm coming" she muttered, running to catch up with Violet.
    Lance stood on the roof of a near by building and watched them go back into the school "I guess not yet my little Sherri?" he asked then disappeared.
    Scarlett walked home slowly, kicking a rock along her path, she sighed, "What was that today?' She hadn't got anything done at all today, even Violet started to get annoyed when Scarlett wasn't listening to her, instead Scarlett was off in her own world.
    Scarlett touched her lips and a shiver ran down her spine, just the thought of that mans blood was giving her goose bumps.
    "But why do I feel this way towards blood, I couldn't stand the sight of it before?" she asked out lowed and paused almost waiting for a reply. "Damn it! Am I going crazy now waiting for someone to reply?" she cried in frustration pulling at her hair. Scarlett paused when she heard a light laughing, looking up there was Lance standing in front of her "Where in the hell did you come from?" she yelled pointing a finger at him in anger.
    Lance smiled "The same place as you" he answered lightly, walking towards her.
    Scarlett stood her ground not giving him an inch "And where might that be?" she asked infuriated.
    Lance paused and stretched his hand out to her, "If I am to tell you that, you'll have to come with me and see" he replied, standing a few feet away from her.
    Scarlett stood rooted to the spot 'What should I do? I can't trust him I don't even know him' she thought for a long moment 'But for some reason I feel like I should.’ She watched his movements carefully then stretched out her hand to capture his.
    As she looked deep into Lance's eyes their surroundings seemed to slowly melt away, "What’s going on?" Scarlett asked starting to panic.
    "It's alright I wouldn't let anything happen to you. My little Sherri" Scarlett felt her mind click at the word like under locking door, at his last words they seemed to bring back a familiar feeling, like a forgotten connection or lost memory.
    Scarlett shut her eyes tightly and squeezed Lance's hand "It's alright you can open them now" his soft voice calming her nerves.
    As she opened her eyes she looked on in amazement, the sky, no longer blue but a light red, a full yellow moon rather than a sun hung in the sky. The trees looked like they had never seen light of day, lingering over them as if they would come to life and reach out to grab them. Everything looked like it had never been touched by the shine of the sun's light. Dead weeds littered the ground, the dirt itself felt dry as a bone.
    "What is this place?" Scarlett asked taking a step back only to bump into Lance's chest.
    "It's alright nothing will hurt you here" Lance soothed placing his hand on her shoulders "This is where we came from" he answered her.
    Scarlett thought for a moment "Where we came from?" she asked turning to look at him.
    Lace nodded "This is your true home" he added sympathetically, a sad look creeping into his eyes "Don't you remember?" he asked.
    This was the first question he had ever asked her "Remember?" she muttered looking over the scenery then shaking her head.
    Lance sighed sadly "Don't you even remember me?" he asked moving her chin to look him straight in his eyes.
    Scarlett stared deeply into the black pupils of his eyes but saw nothing in its darkness, just when she was about to shake her head she suddenly saw a few memories flash in her mind. Two children played hid and seek in the bush, laughing and having fun.
    "Lance? We knew each other as kids" she fought to sort some sense of the memory.
    "Yes that’s right" Lance smiled happily "Anything else?" he asked.
    Scarlett looked deeper into his eyes but saw nothing, she shook her head.
    "That alright at least you've started to remember" he sang happily.
    Scarlett frowned "Wait just a moment! Just what exactly am I suppose to be remembering? I don't get it" she yelled pushing back from Lance "Why am I here?" she cried, her body was starting to shake.
    Lance quickly reached out and held her close "That enough for today, it's alright" he whispered. Blinked Scarlett opening her eyes she found they were back where they started. The blue sky and the clouds fluffy and white, Scarlett stepped back and looked at the world as if it was something new to her eyes.
    "What did you do?" she turned to ask but Lance had vanished. Scarlett stopped her foot "Damn it come out and face me like a man" she screamed in anger, and then started to run down the street towards her house, a few tears ran down her cheeks.
    Lance hid in the shadows of a nearby alleyway "In due time my little Sherri" he smiled and walked in the other direction, hands shoved deep into his pockets.
    Scarlett stormed into her room, flopped down on her bed and screamed with frustration into her pillow, beating it at the same time. After a few moments she calmed down and started to think about what she saw. She felt confusion swirl around in her mind, enveloping her. She had no idea what that place was but a part of her felt like it was familiar. A tear slid down Scarlett’s cheek, reaching up she wiped it away "What this? Why am I crying?" she asked herself sitting up in her bed, for some odd reason the feeling of home sickness swept through her.
    Grasping the sides of her forearms she cried silently, "Why?....Why is this happening to me?" Feeling the days strain on her body she laid her head down on her pillow, quickly she found herself drifting off to sleep.