• Doubt. The full force trauma of wavering faith pumped through my veigns. I seized the side of the wall, suddenly unsure if I could still stand on my own two legs. My breathe came out in heaving gasps, my lungs aching with each intake of air. I had been wrong, I had misjudged my own strength and was now facing unpending danger. My head spun with worry and I felt sick. Maybe vomitting would surprise my attacker and the fate that awaited me. I closed my eyes, sweat pouring down my temples, dripping off my nose with the now existant tears. I had failed. They were going to die now because of me. It wasn't just my own life I was risking.
    "Giving up, Your Highness?" The low voice mocked. I could tell by the way that he said it, that he was grinning maliciously. I kept my mouth shut, not wanting to barf, not yet.
    "Answer Me!" A combat boot flew through the air and slammed into my stomach. I crumpled to the floor, gagging. I couldn't contain it anymore. I threw up, right there on the cold hard floor. I heard him bend down and felt his lips lightly touching my ear.
    "Oh I see," he whispered. The man stood back up, circling me like he was a hawk, ready to swoop. And I, I was his prey.
    "Weakness is a downfall, your highness," He said, his voice reverberating throughout the cold, stone room, his echo just as cruel and deadly as he was. "Especially when... So many lives are at stake." I felt bile rise in my throat. How could he do that: make me feel bad when he would be the one to kill them, one by one? Nothing could quench the feeling of betrayal that seered my heart.
    "You give up too easily," the man continued. "But of course, I'd expect that from a woman." That did it. I raised my head, glaring angrily at him. His sentence was unfair. His smirk told me he knew what my reaction would be but I didn't care. He deserved to die and I, I was out for his blood. I stood up, my legs shaking.
    "You filthy, little b*****d," I roared, surprised at my own voice. I ran toward him with no weapon in hand, just feiry, bloodthirsty vengaence. If I was going to die, I was going to take as much of him with me as I could. That would satisfy me, even in the feiry pits of hell. There was a flash of a sword, and a body to fell to the ground.