• "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
    Its only been a couple hours and hes already gone crazy. Plus, I thought he was frightened stiff about being locked up.
    "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Get me oughta here!" he kept banging on the bars "Excape excape excape!" he started running from one end of the room to the other while yelling like a gorilla, he was even pounding his chest.
    I was sitting, staring at him.
    In the middle of a battle cry, he completely stopped and stared at the lock opener. "I have to get it...I must get.." he walked up to the bars and gripped them "If only...if only I had a rope..or I could make one...like my friend did once when he tied blankets toge-" he quickly turned to me "do you have a blanket?!"
    That was the most stupidest question I ever heard coming out of his mouth. I mean, of course I dont have a blanket! People arent going to leave me here to die, with a blanket!
    "nnnn... oh!" he took off his jacket and tied one sleeve on the strap of his bag then he took off his shirt and tied the bottom to the other sleeve. Right when he placed his hands on the top of his shorts, I turned around and faced the wall.
    What is he thinking? He cant possibly do anything with those.
    "bwahahahaha bwahahahaha! Im so brilliant, this will really work! I'll just throw my bag towards the lock opener and then when its on top of it or behind it, i'll just bring it back by pulling on this rope I made by tying all my clothes together! Hehe yes, yes..." there was a low thump as the bag hit the ground "nooooooo! Aw man.... nooo! I...I pushed the lock opener farther away! My bag wont be able to reach that far. I need more clothe.....ohhhh but the only thing I have left is my underwear and I absolutely will not use it! Gotta find something, gotta find something..." then his voice went weird, odd "hey...you know...that white dress you have on..."
    I gulped.
    "its perfect...so perfect..."
    I shouted out no without any second thoughts.
    I felt my heartbeat go faster as he slowly walked towards me. "i'll just..borrow it...i'll give it back...I promise"
    Without hesitation he quickly grabbed the bottom of my dressed. I screamed at him and tried holding my dress down but he kept on pulling.

    I wrapped my arms around my body, trembling while he was whistling a cheery tune as he tied my dress onto the end of his 'rope'. Stupid human! Awful, terrible, just what is wrong with him?! He threw the bag again as I continued to call him horrible names. I heard the bag drop then he cheered with joy. He got it.
    "sweet, awesome!" I could hear him pull the bag closer and closer "oh man oh man...I actually got it! Me, Roger, actually got it! Whoohoo! I cant simply be happier than this. Phew...now to put my clothes back on..." I heard the rustle of his clothes as he was untying and putting them back on. "okay, um I-" there was a loud thump "I um, I am uh.. sorry...really sorry I...uh..."
    I didnt know what he was doing but I could hear him repeatedly apologizing in a really, really low whisper and It got a bit louder then I felt his back touch against mine.
    "sorry..." he held the dress in the air behind him so I could see it.
    I snatched it form his hands and quickly put it back on, but it felt weird because It was over the chains and I couldnt get it back under them. Great, how lucky am I.
    "I um..." he began to say, still leaning against my back "im really, really am...sor-"
    "its....okay..." I interrupted "im the reason it got...thrown out there....anyway" talking is still hard for me since I rarely do it.
    "kay...kay" he sighed "lets get you out of those chains now, shall we?" he turned around and held out his lock opener, but then paused for a long time "why is your...dress over the chains..?"
    "because...it wont... go back under them"
    "how am I suppose to unlock it now? I would have to...uh...have to..."
    I turned to look at him and his face was turning a little pink.
    "id have to pull you dress up over the chains so I could see the lock.."
    I nodded my head slowly. He gulped then lifted the rim of my dress over the chains. I didnt mind, though, not like before. It was funny seeing his face all pink and his hand trembling as he fiddled with the lock. He even bit the bottom of his lip as they quivered.
    A long time past, a really, really long time. My eyes were getting droopy and I was having a hard time keeping my head from swaying, but he was still trying to open the lock. If he was super sleepy, he wasnt showing it. He didnt even make any noise, all his attention was on the lock. Then finally, finally it happened. There was a click and the lock opened. The chains fell straight down.
    "alright...lets get out of here! Ive been spending way to long in this cell" he stood up, walked over to his bag, gathered all his stuff, and went to unlock the bar door. Once it opened he turned around and held out his hand to me "arent you going to come?" he smiled.
    I stared at his hand for awhile, thinking. If I leave, if I leave...they'll all see me. They'll come after me the moment I walk outside then they'll kill me. I put my hand onto his and he squeezed it. I'll die here anyway if I stay, so I might as well go. He pulled me up and we walked out the cell. I stumbled a lot because I never really walked for a long, long time.
    "clumsy clumsy..." he laughed "are you ready to see the world outside this dark tomb, Anysa?"

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