• Once there was a small town named aidacra. In it was three gangs, the dragons, the marauders, and the beasts. The dragons were mostly the higher-up rich people, the beasts were the lower-class poor people, and the marauders were the middle class people to poor to be a dragon, yet to rich to be a marauder. Between these three gangs there was always tension because in the beginning of the villages history everyone was even, there was no poor, no rich, no in between. Everyone worked equal and got equal reward, but than one fool introduced money into the economy, and nothing was ever the same again. Within two years there had become such a drift within the people that fights broke out all over the city, over time they got more and more organized until all the people were turned into the gangs.
    Twenty years after the gangs were originally made there was a great war that ended in the destruction of half of the city, and almost all of the citizens. For a short time the people were at a form of peace, seeing how there great differences destroyed it, but it was only a few months before the gangs slowly assembles again. It wasn’t to long before the gang activity slowly gained the attention of the elders, who were appointed after the first great war. All three of them racked their brains trying to find a way to stop the gangs from having another war, without starting a war their selves. They finally decided they would try to return the village back to its original state. They failed, however, because they were killed by the very gangs they attempted to stop. The gangs did not like the idea of leaders so they got together for this one mission and killed the elders.
    Their deaths did serve one purpose, because before the gangs realized who they killed, they were already dead. The people they killed had been chosen to be the best people to help set the laws. It had been the richest, poorest, and the richest of the beasts. The week they died, there was a continuous rain, during which time, the gangs read the books that the elders left them, which explained the beginning of the village, and how everything worked. Everyone felt stupid for being so caught up in money. After the rain seceded all of the gangs pulled together and returned the village to it’s original state, how it stayed for all of time itself.

    i believe this story has two life lessons:
    1. Sometimes war is needed to avoid death, because if the elders had acted sooner they may have ended it all faster, but they were still wise because that route would have taken more lives than just there two.
    2. Sometimes death can stop war and bring people together, such as the elders death stopping the war, and bringing peace to the village. Their lives were a sacrifice for the greater good

    I hope you enjoyed this short story, the Idea just popped into my head and I typed what came as I went along. I'll probably have better stories made out in the future