• I walked past the candy cane trees and wondered if Bill was thinking of me. I love him- but does he love me? My heart ached at the thought of him not having feelings for me. My head was spinning, so I layed down. My eyes closed and my brain was mush. Bill was running through my mind. I flipped over so my tummy was flat against the floor. I started drifting to sleep but suddenly I felt a pair of legs straddle around me. So Bill decided to come back.. "Do you love me?" I cautiously asked him, eyes still closed. "That's what I came here to talk to you about..." This wasn't Bill. I felt the body come down on me and i felt a brath of air next to my face. My eyes slpwly opened. Strify, my second best guy friend, was the one on top of me. "Uhm.. Strify..? Was all I managed to say until his lips glazed over mine. I pulled away, and Strify got off of me and I got up to my knees. "I love you, Alyssa." Strify came in for another kiss. This time his tongue slided over my lips, begging for an entrence into my mouth. His hands started wandering about my body; They went from my hips to my neck. He gently pushed me to the ground, his body on top of mine. I still love Bill but,

    Strify won my heart today.