• Hejo passed the next 15 years with training he was not a master of hellfire spells, and his swordmen skilled were getting better.
    He lay in a hot springs his scared body glowed in the water.
    The fresh cuts dripped blue blood, as the water healed his skin.
    As he healed he thought to his self.
    It was 15 years ago that Joare saved me.
    But than a voiced yelled HELLFIRE SPELL 45 BURNING SKY!!
    Hejo jumpped from the hot spring and flipped away form the flames as it rained it burned everything it hit.
    He grabbed his pants and jumpped into a tree.
    Joare cut the tree in two. Hejo jumpped to another tree. he looked for his sword. And spotted it by the hot springs.
    Joare punched Hejo as Hejo tried to jump to his sword.
    Hejo slide into the ground and bashed into a tree.
    Hejo got up and punched his fists together.
    FINE U PISSED ME OFF NOW! yelled Hejo.
    flames wraped around his fists asn he made a circle by moveing his hands.
    Flames shot out of Hejos fists as he flipped his hands.
    The flames made a circle, Hejo spun on one leg and kicked a wave of fire at Joare. the fire balls around Joare turned into chains, holding Joare to the ground as the wave of fire came at him.
    The flame and chains were blown out as Hejo was blown into the hot springs.
    You still have alot to learn Hejo, Joare told him as he looked down at him.
    Later they were both in the cave by a fire.
    So who do i get my wings to come out? Hejo asked.
    Joare looked at him well your reaper blood has not yet developed all the way yet. In about 5 more years you will be able to make ur wings appear and disappear. i,ve already shown you the power of your left eye.
    it will alow u to see the sins of humans.
    So why dont I see any other reapers? Hejo asked
    Well reapers are the rarest beings in hell.
    They are used as soul gathers for the king of hell.
    He conrtols their souls and makes them follow his wishes.
    Now no more talk rest.
    the next day as Hejo went to get food.
    Joare was in the cave when two devils showed up out of smoke.
    WHERE IS HE? yelled one of the devils.
    Who? asked Joare.
    Hejo looked at a demonic deer ready to attack, when a big shock wave hit him blowing him to the ground. As if some feeling in him cried out saying something was wrong.
    Hejo ran back to the cave.
    He stoped to see 5 devils walking out of the cave one having blood all over him.
    Hejo's eyes glowed dark his demonic blood boiling.
    in a blur he got up and ran at the nearest devil.
    cutting the devil in two.
    without looking one of the other devil ran at Hejo.
    Hejo flipped the devil into the air and cut him in two.
    Hejo looked at the 3 remaining.
    the blood of other devils started to burn as the devils were burned inside out.
    Even breathing hard Hejo ran into the cave to find his master and friend dead.
    Hejo dropped to the ground and picked Joare up.
    Hejo's mouth grow into a grin as his teeth grow longer and sharper.
    As he yelled in insane rage.