• A king and a queen lay side by side.
    "My king? art thou cold."
    "no my dear. art thou?"
    "I love you my king."
    "i love you to-"
    "Hey! are you gonna play today Tetris?"
    "O-oh sorry." Tetris responded
    "There's a king and a queen down, hurry up."
    "King." Tetris said, slapping one of his cards down.
    "Bs!" yelled Tick. suddenly Tetris burst with exitement.
    "pull it up then!" He said. Tick flicked out his hand in surrender. Tetris started laughing. The other two T's and James looked confused. Tetris pushed out his hand, showing that they were empty and he had won.
    "awwwww." They all said in unison. Tetris grabbed the deck and straightened it before placing it on the counter. James turned on the TV, Tick watched it with him,Tux pulled his notebook from under the couch and started writing, and Tetris pulled out his pocket,TETRIS. A few minutes of midless watching,stacking, and thoughtful writing passed before Tetris asked the question.
    "Hey guys. what do you do if a girl says i really like you?" Each person looked up or away from what they were doing, even Tux, who is never distracted. James went back to watching Tv as everyone else stared.
    "Dude. James did you hear what he just said?" James ignored him.
    "Dude!" he repeated
    "commercial." James shot his head directly at Tetris.
    "what the hell is wrong with you!" He yelled.
    "why what doe's it mean."
    "what did you say? what the hell did you say?"
    "well, i said me too."
    "okay. okay. how was it?"
    "The girl that always hops off the bus like a rabbit."
    "Her!" The rest of the group jumped up in applaud, while Tux wrote DAMN! on his paper.