• Dad was packing his bags at his room. I stepped inside. "Where are you doing?" I asked him. Dad gave me "the look." The look means Dad has to go to a mission to do his policing job. "Dad!" I yelled. "Look honey, it's only for the weekend. You'll be fine," Dad said and kissed me on top of my head. The weekend was tomorrow. "I'll tell you what I'm going to do. When I get back from my trip, I'll be hanging out with you a lot," Dad cheered me up. I smiled a little. The next morning, Dad and I were at the airport. The mission was to capture a thief who stole the New York Diamond. "Well, bye Halley," Dad said and gave me a squeeze. "Bye dad," I said softly and watched him leave as he heard his airplane number. I took a taxi home. I hadn't had any breakfast, since I had to go with Dad to the airport right away. I made myself a cereal. Dad always said that eggs and bread are healthier breakfast choices, but Dad wasn't here to make it. I sighed while eating my corn flakes. The next day, I was up and ready to make the list of what Dad and I are going to do when he gets back tomorrow. I kept on writing until the list was completely full. While, I was writing, my phone rang. It was Emma, my best friend ever. She told me to ask my Dad if I can go with Emma to the movies. "Yeah, Emma, my dad is-," I started saying at the phone. Then, Emma cut me of. "Police job. I know," Emma said. "Meet me at the Hollywood Hangout Hills," Emma said and hung up. I rode my bike to there. It took me seven minutes. Emma was in front of line ordering tickets. "Two for Dantius please," Emma said. Dantius was about a movie of a girl and a mysterious mystery upon her dad. Emma and I walked inside. We waited until twelve and played in the game room. Later, we watched the movie and went back home at two. I made sandwiches for Emma and me. We watched some TV. Suddenly, my phone rang. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket. "Hello," I said. "Halley," Dad spoke. "Dad, where are you?" I asked. "Listen Halley, I got the thief in jail but I can't make it because I-," then the line was dead. "Dad? Dad?" I nervously asked. "What's wrong?" Emma asked me. "Dad," I said. Then a commercial appeared on the TV. A news reporter named Britney Berton was talking about the heart-breaking news. "This just in, the thief of the New York Diamond had escaped and got his hands on the diamond. Police officers are doing the best they can to solve the mystery," Britney said on TV. Then they showed the picture of the police officers. I saw my Dad's friend, Mr. Trend, but he prefers Darin. He works with my dad. I could see him but not my dad. "Where is he?" I asked looking in the TV screen. "Where is who?" Emma asked. "Dad!" I said. Emma shrugged. The phone rang again and I was hopeful it would have been Dad saying his phone batteries were dead. But it wasn't him. Instead it was Darin. "Darin! Where's my dad?" I asked. "Listen kiddo, we are trying to find the thief and we think he has your dad so do the best you can to save him," Darin told me. I nodded. I grabbed my jacket and a bunch of food (in case I get hungry) and hurried outside. "Where are you going?" Emma asked me. "Rescuing my dad," I said. _______________________

    Well that's the end of part 1! See tomorrow for part 2!