• The cafe was choc a block with pepole. Me and Trisha had manged to grab a table in time. I can't rember the last time Cafe Le Ovia was this full. Trisha kept glanicing around neverously. I couldn't quite belive it since she had dragged me here. She was only another empolye at the office. Which would be the reason why I had came. Apparntely I care to much about pepole. So my dad says. The grey radio was swichted on. It was reffering to the dark elf inccident.
    "Fouratnely the victim of the incidten was given a human potion and has returned to the origanl form," the repoter said. One of the cafe workers was obvilsuly finding this boring. "To many long sentences!" she complained.
    "And now for some new info of the acount!" Immdeatly she stopped her hand. The cafe became silent. "We are here live at the scence having an interview with the victim." she paused cachting her breath. "Now for the interview."
    "So what happened?"
    "All I rember is bening dragged into the house..." Everyone tensened up. Trisha became more pale. The victim contiuned. "Being allowed to strgule and forced to take the potion..." the folks outside the door had paused. No one had seen the cafe silent. "And commting murder if that's if you wanted to call it." Everyone gaspsed. Everyone had thought that the victim had tried to be murded. Trisha looked as if she was going to collaspe. "And being told I'm part of an expirement." Even the reptoer remained silent. "You heard it all here on here folks!" The cafe worker turned the station. The tune was jazz. Trisha gave off a weak smile. "You don't know what those gaians will be listing to next." She grabbed her coffe. She sipped it. "Well you could say that we are gaians in some what of a sense." The weak smile strengthend. "Yes I guess but they just haven't accepted us in there premiter." I laughed aloud. But the smile faded. Aren't you going to drink the tea her face said. I shot a glance at her. I shook my head. "Please," she whimperd. I took the cup. I held it to my mouth. Casting one final glance I sipped it. It felt creamy. It felt wrong. "I don't like tea or coffe." Trisha moved away picked her bag up and left. I felt wrong. I didn't go back to work. I called in ill. Our boss wasn't impressed. Yet Trisha got me covered up. I didn't quite get it. We hadn't met as friends. I only did it because I cared.

    Next day I got up I had the weiderst dream the night before. In it my foot and had tesned up. Both. My hair had turned white in places and shot up into feathery wings. Just above my feet a lot of white stuff. I got up to write this in my dairy. I felt light and airy. I went into my bathroom. I was pretty much shocked by my mirrior image. Why? Cause my body was showing my refliction of an agnle imp. I felt hurt. "Freeze!" I turned round. Trisha held a baseball bat in her hands. "Trisha?" She was hurt to. "Your'e part of the exiperment now like the "victim" was."
    What do you mean was? I thought. Trisha whats wrong? Come on Trisha wake up. "Don't play or you'll be hit." "Sharp," she added. I shook my head in disbeilf. She flung at me with the bat. I jumped high and landed again. Those wings must of made me jump higher. Trisha stared at me. She started to tremble. To cry. Quickly I grabbed her in a friendly hug. She dropped the bat. "They were going to make me do it...told me to do it." She sobbed. "Didn't take them serosily and they did it to him..." I knew who she was reffering to. The victim. "My brother." She looked dizzy. "You know that they would have made you do the same if you had halted?" I grabbed her hand and led her in to my kichten. "Water,biscuits." She looked at me blanky. "Then we can talk better." Trisha with her black hair,blue eyes and slighty tanned skin was another victim. And my new friend.