• Ray's emotionless eyes scanned the burnt remains of her once home town. She let out a sigh. 'How am I supposed to know what to do now?' she thought frustrated. Ray's bright red hair waved silently with the wind as she went through the possiblilties that lie ahead. "I might as well find my way through the forest..." she mumbled with a heaving sigh.

    She found the path that led into the forest, and followed it. She walked, and walked, and walked. Suddenly she felt a wave of exhaustion. She limply hovered over to a tree. Ray layed there, and drifted off into the bliss of sleep.

    Ray's dream

    "No, run! Run away! Hurry, Ray!" the voices echoed in her head. She could not move, her legs frozen where they stand, in fear. There was nothing but her family, the killer pounding on the windows of her house, and the wrenched open floor board. She weakly crawled into the small space underneath the floor, tears streaming down her face. The floor boards were shoved into place, the recliner placed on top again. She peeked up through the small crack in the floor, and witnessed the killing, and once they set the crackling flames to work, she was not overheard weeping in the small storage under the floor.