• She follows the strange, clawed creature, step by step. The trees creak as they speak to each other. Shadows loom, and threaten to come closer. Her breathing becomes heavier, both from walking through the mud, and from fear of this strange place. The fog is so thick, it has plastered her hair to her head, like rain.

    It knows she is following, yet doesn't bother to acknowledge her. There is only silence, but for the sounds of their feet through the murky ground: Slop, slop, slop. The sound is muffled by the ever-thickening fog.

    They carry on, through a place where time is meaningless. How long have they been walking? Minutes? Hours? Neither knows. Neither cares. They move ever onward, through the fog: It's all that matters at the moment.

    It stops, finally. There is nothing but fog. It turns and faces her. It says nothing, but a silent tear escapes it's eye. Wordlessly, it dissolves, melts, like acid.

    "NO!" She screams. "No, no, no!" She knew it would happen one day. She knew he lived on borrowed time. "Don't leave me." She sobs as she falls to her knees. "Don't go. Please don't go." He's already gone, and no one hears her but the surrounding fog.