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    Get up.
    I roll out of bed. My feet find the cool floor and I stand like a zombie.
    My trip to the bathroom is a short one. I haven't ate much since the incident.
    I leave the bathroom to return to my bed.
    Get up.
    I don't want to.
    I don't care.
    You win.
    I roll out of bed again. I fight this battle every morning and I lose miserably. My clothes find themselve onto me and I find myself at the breakfast table.
    "Betty?" he yelled.
    I closed my eyes.
    "Please, don't yell, Davis." My foster mother spoke.
    "Sorry, Betty," He shrugged it off; she had told him before and he still yelled." Where are my kleats?"
    "Did you check by the door?" Betty replied cooking eggs in an old pan and shoving pieces of bread into the magical transforming machine.
    "Yes, I checked by the door." Davis yelled.
    I covered my forehead; his voice chopped into my head.
    "The front door?" Betty's voice gave me chills. She had given the speech every morning. I could tell I wasn't the only one getting sick of it.
    "Oh." Davis left the room.
    Betty sat a plate of eggs and morphid bread in front of me.
    My stomach screamed.
    My mind cried.
    But my throat wouldn't have it.
    I couldn't go without eating, though. I picked up the toast and spread butter arcoss it. My lips felt the toast and my stomach gave a organsimic scream.
    There were thuds as the twins came down the stairs and Billy followed.
    The twins sat across from me and Billy sat next to me. Betty sat down their plates and drinks and they dug in.
    "Betty, when are you and Marki going shopping? Clark is supposed to get me into Homecoming and I need a new dress." Lindsay asked eating her eggs.
    "Me too. What'shisface said he'd get my in to." Charlett added in taking a drink.
    "We're not going shopping." I spoke through my toast watching Billy inhale his eggs.
    "What? Why not?" Charlett looked utterly shocked.
    "I'm not going to the dance," I shrugged noticing Billy eyeing my untouched eggs." Besides, no matter what Clark or What'shisface said they can't get you in. It's high schoolers only, not middle schoolers." I slid my eggs to Billy and his face lite up.
    "Why wouldn't you want to go to the dance?"Lindsay pointed her fork at me then did a rotation flinging eggs all around the table," Some people, like us, would love to take your spot you know."
    "You're a waste of a dance." Charlett scoffed.
    "Sorry, I disappointed you." I shrugged then looked at Billy," Are you ready to bounce, Billy?" I asked standing.
    Billy nodded and stood taking his last shovel full and following me out.
    "Bye, Betty." I called over my shoulder.
    "Bye, Betty. Bye, Lindsay. Bye, Charlett. Bye, Davis." Billy called back.
    I only cared about Betty and Billy.
    Billy followed in my footsteps down the stairs and pulled his Spiderman bag on," Wait up, Marki!" he called after me.
    I stopped and waited for him. He grasped my hand and didn't let go.
    "Ready?" I asked.
    He nodded with his tounge hanging out like a dog.
    We walked down the sidewalk away from our home.
    "Marki?" Billy asked in a curious tone.
    "Yes, Billy?" I replied looking ahead.
    "Why aren't you walking me to school tomorrow?" he asked.
    "Because, I'm not going to school tomorrow." I replied plainly.
    "Why?" he asked.
    1...2...3...I breathed. "I'm going to visit a friend." I tried not to whisper.
    "That's more important than school?" He used a tone that made me believe he was walking me school.
    "It is to me." I tried to smile.
    We rounded a corner and came in range of the school. Billy let go and bolted at the school. I can't believe he was excited for school.
    "Bye, Marki!" He yelled then disappeared into the school with the other kids.
    I waved at his fading head and walked past the school. I shoved my hands into my pockets and stared into the pavement.
    Footsteps echoed behind me and I prayed for a shot to the back of the head.
    "Marki!" Two unision voiced called.
    A shot to the back of the head indeed, but it lacked the killing effect.
    My eyes narrowed on the ground.
    "Marki, wait!" Charlett yelled.
    They came on both sides of me," You're a fast walker." Lindsay informed me.
    "Perhaps for a reason." I sugguested.
    "I get the feeling you don't like us."Lindsaygave a sad look.
    "Why can't you two be cool like the Weasley Twins?" I moaned turning away from them and towards my school. They called things after me but I wasn't listening.
    The moment I stepped cross the threshold the world stopped. School was a timer sucker and my only reason for coming was sitting in the Evergreen Funneral home, waiting to be shown off.
    ******** School.
    I don't learn anything anyways. My mom was a hero, she taught me everything.
    1...2...3...I breathed.