• Off went the police sirens, people yelling, people chanting. I awoke from the thunder of the crowd. Who was there? What was this about? I sat up and wiped drool off of my cheek. I followed the sound with one hand on the a brick wall. As I came closer the sounds became louder, I heard cameras clicking and reporters, was it someone..special?
    As I stepped out of the limo, the crowd rushed to me, and a reporter came, rambling off. I answered half mindedly to the sweaty man with the microphone in my face. I signed another person's CD and then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a boy with milky, light, blurry eyes. His clothes were filthy, and he was following the noise.
    I heard someone stepping towards me, clicks of high heels. I stopped where I was. With the sound of steps came the same noise, louder than ever, and the smell of artificial and cleanliness.
    "H-hello. Are you here for the concert?" I said. I was now staring straight into the blank, opaque eyes of the boy. He was about the same height, so he was about nineteen.
    "C-concert..? I've never- never been to a concert," I said to the girl. I wish I could tell what she looked like, some identification, but she was just like everyone else. A blank figure in my mind.
    "Would you- like to?" I said, a smile spreading across my face.
    I felt the welcomeness in her voice. I was so shocked, I felt so.. invited. I couldn't say words. I quickly nodded my head, and after that, a smooth hand grabbed mine.
    I reached for the boy's hand. He obviously didn't see, so I just grabbed it then pulled him inside. I looked back at him, and he was wearing a smug smile, a cute blush spread on his filthy cheeks.
    This was the first day..
    This was the first day..
    I've felt special..
    I've felt good..
    In a long time.
    In a long time.