• Warning: There will be a dramatic plot twist during the story. Saizen is "best" in japanese

    Love Story-

    Isumi has an older brother named Saizen. Saizen is older then Isumi by four years. Isumi looks up to Saizen and wants to be just like him.
    Saizen has a younger sister named Isumi. Isumi is younger then Isumi by four years. Saizen is very protective of her. Isumi is Saizen's life. He has a girlfriend named Lara and she is on a trip to Italy.

    They live in downtown Tokyo. In a small apartment consisting of two rooms and one bathroom. They live alone. There parents died in a car incident one year ago but Saizen and Isumi are still moving forward. Saizen is eighteen and assist at a university. He studies engineering and Isumi is fourteen and is attending middle school. Saizen also works part-time job as a bartender so he's always home late, leaving the house maintainance to Isumi; But she doesn't mind.

    Every time Saizen comes from school, he gets ready for work. Whenever he has a day off, he studies. All this to ensure Isumi's future. Isumi understands he's very busy, so she doesn't complain.
    "Goodmorning, brother." Isumi said as she climbed on Saizen's bed.

    "Hmm?" He said as he slowly opened his eyes.

    "Do you want me to make you some breakfeast?"

    "No... I came home pretty late last night so I'm not gonna wake up yet." He said in a foggy voice as he turned around to the other side.

    "Very well. I'm leaving for school now. Good luck, brother." She said as she stepped out of the bed. She walked to the door and Saizen hid under the covers.


    "Yes?" She looked back.

    "I love you and take care, okay?" He said without facing her.

    Isumi smiled. "I love you too and don't worry, Saizen. I'll be just fine." She walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.

    She grabbed her bag and her phone and walked out of the apartment. She locked the door. She dialed on her phone and placed it on her ear.

    "Hello?" Said a girl.

    "Hello, Nanamichiru?"

    "Ugh! Isumi, don't be so formal. We're best friend. Call me Nanami."

    "Okay... where you at?"

    "At school with Hikari waiting for you."

    "Good. I'm on my way."

    "Talk to you later!" Nanami hunged up.
    Isumi rushed inside the classroom. Luckuly, she made it in time. Everyone was talking and class hadn't begun yet.

    "Isumi!" Isumi looked up. Nanami and Hikari were in their seats.

    "Hi, guys." She said as she sat next to them.

    "You heard the news?" Asked Hikari.

    "What news?" Asked Nanami and Isumi turning to her.

    "There's a new student coming to our class."

    "Really?...is it a guy?" Asked Nanami.

    "I don't know." Said Hikari looking at Nanami strangely.

    "Why do you even care if it's a guy?" Asked Isumi.

    "Because... nevermind..." They all laughed.

    Okay, class!" Said mrs.Yunami as she entered the classroom. "Let's get started. Oh! but before we do, let me introduce to a new student who shall be joining us, hopefully, in this school year." A wined haired boy entered the classroom and stood next to the teacher.

    "Hello, I'm Rye." He said. Rye's attention was driven to Isumi.

    "Ookie, Rye!" Yunami said with a jolly expresion. "I already have a space recerved for you. Up there." She said pointing at the empty space next to Isumi. Rye grabbed his bag and sat next to her. Mrs.Yunami turned around and began to copy on the board.

    "Hi!" Whispered Isumi to Rye. Rye ripped a pice of paper and scribbled his pen on it. "Hi." He wrote back. Isumi smiled. She pulled out her notebook and began to copy from the board.

    The bell rang and it was time for lunch. Isumi went alone behind the old sakura tree on the school yard and pulled out her phone. Every time at lunch time she would call Saizen to make sure it's all okay.

    "Hello, Saizen?" She asked.

    "Yes?" He answered.

    "Did you eat breakfeast?"

    "Yeah, I just did. I have to get dressed for class."

    "I already fixed your clothes. They should be hanging on your closet."

    "Really? Aw thanks, Isumi."

    "Sure thing... say... will you be coming early tonight?"

    "Earlier then yesterday, yes. Before midnight, no." He said in a sarcastic tone.

    "Very well. When do you have free?"

    "I'm not sure."

    "Hmm... Well bye!"

    "Bye... Hey!" Saizen yelled.


    "I love you!" Saizen chuckled.

    Isumi laughed. "I love you too."

    "Thanks for everything you've done, Isumi. You help me out a lot."

    "It's because I know you're very busy. It's the least I could do."

    "Well thanks. Goodbye."

    "No, not goodbye. See you later."

    "Okay." Saizen hunged up. Isumi placed her phone on her pocket and turned around just to find Rye behind her.

    "What?! Oh!" Isumi fell backwards.

    "Oh my God! Are you okay?" Rye helped her up.

    "Yeah I'm fine. What are you doing?"

    "Well I wanted to be alone and I tought that perhaps this Sakura tree."

    "Oh then. I'll be going now."

    "No, wait!"

    "What is it?"

    Rye blushed. "I..."

    "Why are you blushing?" She asked staring at him strangely.

    "When I entered the classroom... you were the first person who called my attention..." He said in a low voice.

    "Oh..." She blushed too. "You also called my entire attention. To be more exact, your wined hair called my attention." Rye smiled and Isumi chuckled.

    "Your eyes caught my attention. They're very beautiful." He said as he looked at her straight in the eyes.

    "Really? That's so sweet." Isumi hugged him. "I'm Isumi..."

    "What a unique name! Wow! I've never heard such name before." Said Rye stratled.

    "Where do you live, under a rock?" She mumbled.


    "Nothing..." She smiled.


    "... well see you around." She said as she walked pass him. Rye turned around and smiled. "I think I like her... I wanna ask her out... I'm gonna ask her out." He said confident about his decision.

    Four hours later, school was over. Saizen was driving pass the school to pick up Isumi and noticed her talking with Rye. She was blushing and shook her head in form of agreement. Rye smiled and when she noticed Saizen in the car she said gooodbye to Rye and went towards him.

    She opened the door to the car and sat inside. He kissed her on the forehead and Isumi then sat down. "Brother, what are you doing here?"

    "One of my senseis missed school so I have an extra hour." Saizen began to drive.


    "Who was that guy?" He asked filled with curiosity.

    "Who, Rye?"

    "So Rye's his name. I've never heard someone with such name."

    "Yeah... he asked me out..."

    "He did?!" Saizen stopped the car abruptly.

    "Yes, he did."

    "Then that means... oh my God! your first date!"

    "... Aren't you worried?" She was comfused.

    "Of course not. You're grown up. I'm sure you know who you go out with."


    "Aren't you happy?"

    "Y-Yes... I am..."

    "You don't seem so..."

    "I don't want to talk now, Saizen..."

    "Okay... how about now?" Isumi looked at Saizen with a pissy look. "I'm kidding. I'm kidding... sheesh." Saizen smiled.
    They went inside the apartment and Saizen hanged his coat. Isumi locked herself in her room and got change. She came out in her underwear and walked inside Saizen's room.

    "Hey what are you doing in my room?" He yelled from the living room.

    "Oh calm down." She opened one of his drawers and pulled out one of Saizen's button shirts and put it on. She walked out of the room and sat next to Saizen on the small crystal table.

    "Taking my shirt in my own face... Be ashamed!!!"

    "Oh you're so overly dramatic..."

    "Yeah... Do you want some tea?" He asked.

    "Sure." Saizen stood up and poored some water in the tea kettle and left the water boiling. He pulled out the tea pads and placed them hanging on two cups. A few minutes later, the tea kettle began to wistle and Saizen grabbed it and poored the water into the two cups evenly. The tea pads turned the water into a brownish color and the tea was ready.

    He sat next to Isumi and gave her one tea cup. She looked at the tea for a previous moment. Waiting for Saizen to sat something. "So what do you want to talk about?" He asked.

    "I need advice..."

    "First date?"

    "...yes..." Isumi looked down.

    "Just being yourself..." He said. Isumi looked up.

    "That's it. I could've figured that out." She said quickly without hesitating. "I mean... everybody says that. In movies specially."

    "Woul you let me finish..." He asked. Isumi looked down again. "...Just being yourself is not enough."


    "I'm gonna be honest... you... are dull."

    "Hey!..." Isumi shrugged. "So?" She asked looking down at her tea.

    "So... if you were to be yourself... the entire date would be boring."

    "Hey! No it wouldn't!!" She said trying to defend herself.

    "Yes it would because you don't speak unless you are spoken to."

    "Good point..."

    "So not only be yourself. Try to ask questions like: What's your favorite kind of food or color, if you had three wishes what would you ask for. You know, those kind of stuff."

    "Hmm... good conclusion..."

    "You're welcome so... when is he coming? When do I get to interrogate I mean meet him?" He said cheapeshly.

    "Hardy har har... tomorrow. He'll pick me up at seven."

    "Where's he taking you?"

    "I don't know. A movie I hope."

    "You hope?" Saizen finished his tea.

    "Yeah. He said it was a surprise."

    "Oh look at the time. I have to get going." Saizen stood up and kissed Isumi on the forehead. He went to the entrance and grabbed his coat. "Take care, Isumi."

    "I'm not going out so you might as well not worry." Saizen looked down. He knew she was feeling sorta down. He stepped outside and closed the door. Isumi heard him as he walked down the building's hallway. She sighed and went to her room leaving the tea cup full on the table.

    She closed the door and jumped on her bed. "I miss Saizen... I understand he's a very busy guy but... I miss him." She said as she looked at her roof. She hugged herself and closed her eyes (Note:To simulate Saizen.She was wearing his shirt which had his scent on it). An hour later she stood up and took off her shirt. She grabbed her towel and walked out of her room. She entered the bathroom and left the door have opened. She turned the shower's hot water running and got completely naked. She dropped her towel and went inside.

    Saizen was driving up to a stoplight. He was toughful. He noticed Isumi was sad but why was she sad, he wondered. "Maybe it's because she misses me..." He said to himself.
    "Maybe I'm just worrying too much..." The light turned green and he took a turn to the left.

    Isumi looked at the drops of water in the shower's glass. "Tears?" She turned off the water and stepped out. She wrapped herself the towel and walked to her room. She opened her drawer and pulled a bra and a bottom underwear. She looked at herself wrapped in a towel on the mirror and sighed. She was depressed. She knew she was. But why? She was to depressed to get dressed. She grabbed her underwear and put it on. She then jumped in her bed and fell asleep.

    Saizen was seating in class listening to the professor give his lecture. He seats in the back next to the window. He looked outside at the dark sky. He was scribbling Isumi's name on his notebook. He was thinking about her. Wondering what she was doing. What she was thinking. What she wanted. All this questions stumbled in Saizen's head. 'I'm far to protective of her.' He tought. He wants to protect Isumi over everything in his life.

    It was 12:30 am and Saizen had finally finished class. He was exhausted but he had to go home. He took a cab to the train station and took the train.

    It was already 1:00 am and Saizen was quietly entering the apartment. It was dark inside so he turned on a light. He was holding his notebook on his hand and he placed it on the table were he found Isumi's tea cup full and cold. He sighed and placed the cup on the sink. He noticed there were some plates on the sink so he decided to wash them. When he was done he took off his shirt (Note: He was wearing a polo) and placed it around his neck. He walked to his room and paused for a minute to look at Isumi's door. He hesitated for a minute but decided to do so.

    He slowly opened the door to her room. Her lamp was on. He saw her have naked on her bed. He smiled and walked up to her. He sat next to where she was sleeping and whispered her name. "Isumi... Isumi..." Isumi shook a little bit and turned around to Saizen but was still asleep. "Isumi... Isumi..." Isumi slowly opened her eyes and saw Saizen's luring smile. "Huh? Oh Saizen." She sat up next to him. "Goodnight, Isumi."

    "Goodnight. What is it?" Isumi yawned.

    "If you don't get properly dressed you could catch a headcold."

    "But I'm tired. Can't I just stay in my underwear?"

    "Nope. We don't have time for you to get ill."

    "But... But..." Isumi babbled.

    Saizen stood up. "No but's." He grabbed his shirt infront if him. "Raise your arms."


    "Don't be such a child."

    "I'm fourteen. What did you expect?"

    "That you would raise your arms." Isumi shrugged and raised her arms. Saizen slid the shirt on her. "There. You happy?" Asked Isumi.

    "Yes. Goodnight." Saizen kissed her on the forehead and left the room. Isumi yawned and took off the shirt and fell asleep again.

    Saizen walked into his room and took off his pants. He pulled some long sleeping pants from his drawer and fell asleep.

    By 2:15 am a terrible thunder storm woke Isumi up. She ran out of her room and climbed to Saizen's bed. "Saizen, can I spend the night here?"

    "Huh? You took your shirt off."

    "Yes, so?"

    "Aww I give up..." Saizen turned and wrapped his arms around her.

    "Goodnight, brother." She said as she fell asleep.

    Saizen kissed her on the forehead again and fell asleep.

    Saizen was seating on the table reading the news paper and drinking some coffee as well when Isumi walks in wearing a sweat shirt and some jeans.
    "Goodmorning, Isumi." He said as he read the first page and took a sip from his coffee.

    "Goodmorning. ACHOO!!!" Isumi sneezed.

    "Caught a cold? I wouldn't have had happened if you hadn't taken off the shirt I gave you."

    "Oh shut up."

    "Today I have no class. But I have work tonight."

    "You're going to be here all day... on a saturday?"

    "Actually. I'm going to miss work. I'll report in sick."

    "But you're not." Saizen placed his cup and paper on the table and hugged Isumi. "Yes I am, I'm a sick and tired of school and work. My only medicine is my sister." Isumi smiled. "You're going to stay here with me?"

    "Yep!" Saizen smiled.

    "But I have a date tonight..."

    "Then let's go to the shopping center and buy you some clothes."

    "Oh that's an awesome idea. When do we leave?"

    "Later... not now..." Isumi shrugged and walked to the kitchen. She put some bread to toast as she took a sip from the orange juice she had poored in a glass cup. "I was thinking, Isumi..."


    "Let's go visist mom and dad at the memorial park..."

    "That place gives me the creeps..."

    "Oh for God's sake. It's mom and dad for crying out loud!"

    "Okay. Okay. Let me finish my breakfeast and get ready." The toast popped out of the toaster and Isumi passed some butter on it. She then ate it and wiped her mouth with a kitchen towel. Saizen finished his breakfeast and was already getting dressed. He wore a black pant with a white button shirt, and a pair of black and white sneakers. Isumi wore the same colors but instead it was a black mini skirt, a white button up shirt, a black vest and a gray scarf. She also wore the necklace her mother had given her on her tenth birthday and some black, long boots.

    "Wow, Isumi."

    "What?" She asked as she fixed her scarf on the mirror in Saizen's room.

    "You look... fashionable..."

    "Wait 'till you see what I'm going to buy at the mall." She said proud of herslef.

    "You already know what you're going to buy?" He wondered how'd she did that.

    "No, you silly. What I mean is that I'm going to pick the best there is."

    "Oh..." He still wondered. "Well lets get going. Saizen stood up and left the room. "Hey! Wait for me!"