• "It's simple." Trixie said. "Just take one charge orb, think that you want to put it in your ring, and then bang. Like the same way you walk." She said, Andromeda and Axel both took a charge orb. Andromeda closed her eyes and concentrated. The ring absorbed it like a sponge absorbs water. Axel did the same. It took a bit longer, but he did it. "Great, now try it with the rest of the rings." Trixie suggested. Both used up their last 6 orbs. "Give me a look." Trixie said. Both showed her their rings. "Your CL is now at 1.4. CL is how powerful your rings are. Your PDA will keep track of your CL, your crew's, or friend's, CL. The more rings you add and the more charge orbs you use, the more powerful you become. I suggest NOT going to a new area until you've improved maybe to a 2.0 CL." She suggested. Andromeda and Axel nodded. "What now?" Axel asked. "Go back to Elizabeth and she'll tell you what next." She said. Both nodded and left the same way they came.

    Andromeda looked up. Breaking dawn. But, the sky was cloudy, defenetly rain. She stalled for a moment. "Hey Andromeda! C'mon!" Axel shouted. He was already at the gate. She looked back. "Sorry Axel! I was a bit distant!" She called and ran to him. Both entered Barton town.

    They ran back to Elizabeth. "Elizabeth, we did as you told." Andromeda said. "Perfect. Now, I have 2 tasks for you. But first, I need to know, would you rather get to know the people of Barton, or save the town?" She asked. "Well, I'm not really I people person, I'll go with the second one." Andromeda said. "In that case, I'd like to get to know the people." Axel said. Elizabeth nodded in a approval. "Okay, then Axel, I'll mark your PDA with some people I'd like you to check on for me." She said. Axel handed the guard his PDA. She turned to Andromeda. "Go find Terry and Perry, the Conductor Twins. I'll mark your PDA to find them." She said. She handed Axel back his PDA after marking it and took Andromeda's. "Andromeda, we'll meet back up here when we're both done." Axel said. Andromeda nodded. "Sounds like a plan." She said and took back her PDA. Both then went their seprate ways.

    Andromeda found Terry and Perry. "Hey are you to Conductor Twins?" She asked. Both turned to her.

    "Yes we....." Terry said.

    ".....Are." Perry finished. "How can we...."

    ".....Help you?"

    "Do you always talk like that?" She asked.

    "Yes we...." Perry started.

    ".....Do." Terry finished.

    "Why? You think we'd......"

    ".....Talk at once?"

    "Interesting, well I talked to Elizabeth and she said to come find you guys for a task." Andromeda said.

    "Ahh yes, well see the peelungers....." Terry said.

    "......Tend to multiply very fast you see......" Perry finished.

    ".....And if we don't go down there and knock them down every once in a while........"

    ".....We find ourselves knee-deep in those things...."

    "....And only frog pools should be knee-deep!"

    "Well, how many should I knock down?" Andromeda asked.

    "Well, to avoid overwhelming you......."

    ".........Fifteen." Perry said.

    "Okay. I'll be back." Andromeda said and started to walk away. "Wait!" Terry said. "What?" Andromeda asked. Perry threw her a passcard looking like Remo's. "Use that on the manhole closest to the North Gate." Perry commanded. "Anything else?" Andromeda asked. Both shook their heads. The skinwalker nodded and ran away.

    Meanwhile, Axel found the first person he had to talk to, Olivia, apparently Leon's mother. He walked up to her. "Hey, are you Olivia?" He asked. She turned to him and nodded. "Hello, you must be one of Leon's friends, what brings you here?" She asked him sweetly. "Well I came because...." Axel then sniffed the air. "Are you cooking something?" He asked. "Oh why yes, I'm baking some cookies for Leon and his friends. All that heavy armor of theirs smells like a locker room, so I baked some cookies to cover the musty smell." She replied. "Did it work?" Axel asked. "Not really, but it doesn't matter. Say dearie, would you mind giving these to the guards for me?" She asked. "Certainly." Axel replied and took them, they felt heavy, really heavy. "What's in these? They're kinda...." Axel cleared his throat. "Heavy, but anyways, who should I take them to?" He asked. "Take them to Clara at the South Gate, Martha at West Gate, and John at the North Gate." She said. "I'll mark you PDA to make it easier." She said and took his PDA, and marked it. She handed it back to him. "Come back when your finished." She said. "Will do." He said and flew off.

    After that little encounter, Andromeda was in the sewers. A pair of dark blue ears appeared on her head, her wolf ears. They were so good she could hear even the quietest mouse about 20 yards away. She heard some squeaking, some biting, and some mouse footsteps. Looks like she'll be facing some Gramsters down here too. She snuck up on some peelungers, and attacked them. It took a bit of effort, but she held her own. These things were nothing compared to what she faced many a time.

    Axel flew to the west gate. He found Martha. "Hey, are you Martha?" He asked. She turned to him. "Yes I am, how may I help you?" She asked. He took out one of the cookies. "Olivia told me to drop this off." He said. "Olivia?! Good Lord!" She said. "What's wrong?" Axel asked. "Kid, her cooking is TERRIBLE! Sweet as hell, and Leon's mother, but her cooking is awful." She said. "Tell her I enjoyed it though, I don't wanna hurt her feelings. I'll just bury this." She said. "Make the hole nice and deep, with the way you describe it, I wouldn't want anybody to get sick." He said. Martha nodded in agreement. "Again, tell her I said thank you and I enjoyed it." She suggested. Axel nodded. "Okay." He said and walked off.

    Andromeda finished off 5 peelungers and she needed a break. She knelt on her knees and huffed. Then she was attacked by a group of gramsters. "Oh come on!" She yelled. She tried attacking with her ring and missed every time. She felt dizzy. The gramsters attacked and finished her off. Andromeda huffed and looked up, her vision blurry. "Somebody....... Help me..........." She muttered, then everything went black...........

    Meanwhile, completely unaware of what happened to his "partner", Axel moved on to the next guard. He went to John at the North Gate next. "Hey John?" He said. John looked up. "Yes?" He said. "I have something for you." Axel said. John sniffed the air. "Are those cookies?" He asked. Axel nodded and handed him one. John took it and ate it gratefully. "Thathf wash mmmfhm...." John couldn't talk. "What?" Axel said a bit confused. John spit it on the ground. "I said 'that was terrible'. Who are they from?" John asked. "Olivia." Axel replied. "Oh god NOT her! She's sweet! But her cooking is awful!" He said. "So I hear." Axel replied. "Tell her thank you, I'm NOT hurting her feelings." He said. Axel nodded. "Okay." He said and flew off again.

    Andromeda soon awoke. She got up. "What happened?" She moaned. "Hey, are you alright?" A strange voice asked. It was a guy with deep purple cat eyes and a ninja outfit with a giant ninja star clinged to his back, probably used for battle purposed. "Who are you?" She asked. "That is unimportant, are you okay?" He asked and helped Andromeda to her feet. "I'm fine. What happened?" She asked. "You were attacked by to many creatures at once. If you run out of stamina, it's best to take a break every once in a while." He said and soon disappeared into the shadows. "Just like me." Andromeda thought. Then got back to her duties.

    Soon Axel reached the last guard, Clara. He walked up to her. "Are you Clara?" He asked. She turned to him and nodded. "Yes I am." She said. "Good, I have something from Olivia." He said and gave her to last cookie in the bag. "These are from Olivia? Trust me kid, you don't wanna try these. Her cooking in the WORST! Sweet as hell, yes, but when it comes to cooking she makes prison food taste like a 5-star meal." She said. Axel nodded. "The others told me that, are they that bad?" He asked. Clara broke it in half and gave half to Axel. "Try." She said. Axel took a bite, then chewed a bit. Then had a sicken look on his face. He spat it back out into the bushes. "Gross." He said and wiped his mouth. "See? Tell her I said thank you." She said. Axel nodded, "Might wanna bury that REAL deep." He said and walked away. "I will." She muttered as soon as he left.

    Andromeda finished killing the peelungers and some gramsters. She also found a few interesting things. She stuffed them in her coat to have a look at later. She ran back to Terry and Perry. "I got them." She said. "Perfect...." Terry said. "That will be all......" Perry started. "For now." Terry finished. Andromeda nodded. "Thanks." She said and ran back to Elizabeth.