• 1. Find you
    An easy breeze swept across the canines white body. The sun was covered by a thick band of grey clouds. Without the sun, the meadow was dead and empty. The she-wolf walked into the ocean like grass, swaying side to side in a rhythm. The dog paused to see a lone flower in the middle of the meadow. She walked up to it, her shoulders coming out of her pelt each step she took. A simple flower, a black rose with a white petal. The female stood there the breeze still blowing, her coat flowing in it. But then the flower didn’t move from the wind. The forest was full of others of her species, she wanted to go, find a pack and finally have a life worth living but, she was to busy looking at this marvelous piecing of Mother Nature.
    The howling of others had neared, she wasn’t afraid; the female thought the flower had spiritual powers. The night sky darkened as the moon reached a point. The howls had ended, she knew they where watching. A black wolf slinked out of the shadows unhurried. The female sat down as the male circled her. The male lowered his cranium in greetings.
    “Hello, I’m Zerki, of 9 winters “ the large male stated.
    The she-wolf eyes gazed at the male heatedly.
    “I’m Kekela, of 7 winters “the female said bashfully.
    The male came across the flower Kekela was defending. He cocked his head lightly.
    “ Uh-h what is that flower you are protecting “ he asked.
    “ A flower, I see spiritual enlightenment in it, I vow not to leave it til morning” she answered shyly
    Zerki’s blue eyes studied the plants features, his nose fidgeting from the scents. Kekela’s yellow eyes stared at the black figure ahead of her. His expression was empty, but he was still looking at the plant. He laid next to the flower as Kekela was.

    As dawn broke, the usual signs of morning hit a hault. The birds weren’t singing the songs which made the morning more enjoyable. The cloud that covered the sun yesterday was still unmoved. Kekela put her nose in the air, her nostrils flaring as she inhaled the morning air. She glanced at the male, his black body resting in the dark brown grass. Her eyes turned to the flower. All movement stopped, her fur stuck up on its end as a growl rumbed. The sound quickly woke the male.
    “What” he said, his eyes still creeping open.
    “The flower has passed” Kekela answered as her fur settled in place
    Zerki stood up on his toes and arched his back to stretch.
    “Well, that was a once in a lifetime flower, but we must find food”
    “I agree”
    Kekela walked to the place the flower was , she let out a shy whimper and then followed the male, to the side where the elk run. Zerki looked back his muscles tensing each step he took. He grinned lightly seeing Kekela following.
    “Do you have a pack?” Kekela asked.
    Zerki ignored the question and walked ahead. The trees seemed to whisper a lullaby each time the wind blew. The sounds of small vermin shuffling around through the forest left crackling of leaves. The sound of elk made Kekela’s ears p***k forward in interest. Her pace sped up to a trot as she passed in front of Zerki.