• Gather 'round now
    All you who think your tough
    We're going to play a game now
    But if you lose
    The losses are rough.

    All you need to play is a gun and one bullet
    Six people stand in a circle
    And the first person pulls it.

    First up is Tom
    They say he has "good breeding
    Little do they know
    He just keeps taking beatings.

    He stands there debating
    Whether to not its worth the risk
    He thinks to his dad back home
    And gives the barrel a twist.
    He slowly lifts the gun
    As his hands shake with fright
    He pulls the trigger,
    But he's not to die tonight.

    He passes it to Marissa
    Who's just your average girl.
    Except for after meals
    When she has to go hurl.
    She hates herself now
    So badly she sees no other way
    She spins the barrel and pulls back
    But she's not to die today.

    Next up is Danny
    Who's made fun of at school
    He thinks if he plays
    They'll think he is cool

    He's done the math,
    He knows his chances
    He spins the barrel
    And watches as it dances.
    He slams it shut
    And holds it up to his dead
    Pulls the trigger
    And now he's dead.

    The three that didn't play
    Breathe a sigh of relief
    Then they all start crying
    Overcome with grief.

    All Danny wanted
    Was to be accepted by his peers.
    They pick up his corpse
    Their faces streaming with tears.
    They hide the body in the woods
    And wash the blood off the ground
    They go their separate ways
    And hope to God Danny's not found.

    Nothing is for sure
    But I'm willing to Bet.
    Never again will those five kids
    Play Russian Roulette