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    My vomit falls down the drain and my eyes blurred.
    My legs won't let me stand. I wish I would have listened to my mouth. I shouldn't have had the toast. But I needed it. I couldn't keep anything down. Food is good. Food is essential. I agreed. My stomach was so excited, it couldn't take it.
    I'm standing in the hallway in between classes. Her locker is open. They're taking her things. My mouth stays open and my books fall to the floor. I'm on a trip on bad Acid. Without the Acid. I want to cry, but everything is gone.
    My hands on my desk. My eyes... on the empty desk next to me. Her absence breaks me. I wish I was strong enough to carry on with out her, but I can't find the will to be.
    "Marki, stop!" The teacher yells as I run out the doors.
    Students laugh at my cowardness.
    Shut up.
    You didn't know her.
    In my hand I hold a chain. A chain we used to share. It flys and whips in the wind. The trees are close. Their shade welcomes me like an open hug.
    My mother's hugs were the best.
    Past the tree line my legs give out. I stumble and roll. The ground tastes good. Where I belong. In the dirt with her.
    I stop.
    My breath slows to a normal cool rate.
    1...2...3...Everything is under control.
    Wet trains fall from my eyes. I can't cry. Not now. I'm better than that. No. I'm not. I'm the strength of what she gave me and she's gone. My strength left me.
    I slipped my bag from my back and curl into a ball. My arms were a warm blanket that protected me from the blizzard I had been sheltering though.
    A ghost covered my face and I hid in my arms. It whispered something I couldn't hear. My body shook and I tried to make myself disappear.
    It muttered again.
    I wanted it to leave.
    A cold hand was placed on my face and my eyes sealed shut. I couldn't hear through the shaking of my bones.
    Another hand placed on my face.
    My eyes were forced open.
    A sea of blue washed over me. I fought against the waves to breath.
    Air filled my lungs. It tasted so sweet. But I was lost in the sea, sinking to the bottom.
    "Are you okay?" Spoke a cool voice that filled my insides with warmth and my eyes with light again.
    An Angel.