• ninja

    It was Summer and the sun was scorching, but what did I care. I have been trapped in this forsaken dungeon for over a month. I have been able to survive on the rare indonesian pygmy tarnier. I hate to eat them since they look so much like a furby. They have been gathering around me even though I have to eat some of them. I guess they dont want to see a great haired ninja die this way.

    I was thrown down this volcano, stumbling on my way down to the magma, but with my quick reflexes I was able to grab into some rocks, unfortunately they were going to give way in a minute or so, so I decided to try my luck and jump into a hole that I saw. I leaped across the gap inbetween, landed almost tilting back into the volcano. I saw that it went further down into this active volcano. I believe I was close by Mount Rorekatimbo. Fearing the magma would rise even further than it was right now, I decided to go deeper into this cave.

    Here I have encountered many strange creatures. and they seem to be nocturnal, but seem to be disoriented since it is pitch black in here. Thank the Almighty Nobunaga that I always carry my trusty night goggles. You know just in case I fall into a volcano that may erupt at any moment, and end up stuck in a forsaken cave. But thats my luck.

    I havent seen anything other than these crazy animals some where the size of small cheetas and had the face of a mountain goat. They have been chasing me, for over a month now, and have managed to tear off my shirt, I guess they wanted to see my beautiful ABS. but they also caused some damage to my hair. So they will all die, for touching the beautiful hair.

    I enter a small corridor which is getting bigger the farther I go inside. As I throw my hair back I catch a glimpse of something moving fast as lightning. I turn to check if it is around me but cant see it. Then I get this strange evil feeling, so I turn around slowly. Something jumped high into the air, as it was coming down I put up my katana to block. It gives a horrible screech, throws itself backward distancing itself from my katana. Doing this horrible evil laugh as it throws his hands up, he suddenly stops, he's coming back darn he's fast I may not be able to block, No he looks so hideous coming toward me, I pray "Nobunaga please help me".

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    NINJA OUT .. ninja