• “Arron, I want you to know something I have been thinking of for a while now.” He sighed.
    Arron turned his head towards his master and lord. His deep oceanic eyes were penetrating and his black hair was flowing like a cape in the wind. He had a strong face and a fragile lean body.
    “What is it my Lord?” he asked.
    “The ocean” he looked over the sheer cliff ledge.
    “I can see that my lord” Arron replied with a slight grin spreading across his child like face.
    “The ocean, Arron, it embodies perfection.” His face was full of fierce determination and a longing that could not be described with words.
    “It is deep and eternal. It holds wisdom of centuries long gone to us. It has the power of perception. It can deceive and it can welcome. It can kill us and it can save us. It has the ability to destroy everything at any given moment. It’s unstoppable. It appears calm, peaceful and soothing at one time. Another it can become a raging, dangerous and savage demon of waves. It has the one thing that everyone craves. It clutches in its mighty ferocity: immortality, power and a never-ending rule of a world unseen to the human eye. It is the closest entity to our planet besides the animals and us humans. It sings songs that we only dream off and dances a dance we cannot preconceive of or understand. It protects its own little world beneath that beautiful blue blanket. I wonder what its saying to us…
    It also doesn’t have to worry about the consequences of its actions.” His tone and demeanour had become sullen.
    He stood there, his gentle icy eyes shining like a cold sun and his white hair glistened like the morning dew, as silence befell them both. He was silent for so long that Arron became worried.
    The ocean, as if in reply to his speech, crashed against the cliff like hands applauding his effort to understand it. The wind was bitterly cold but the two standing on the cliff didn’t seem fazed at all. It blew their hair and cloaks up and tried its hardest to make them shiver.
    “I think the wind is jealous that you gave the ocean such a beautiful speech, my Lord, it truly was magnificent but I never want to see your face like that again, please” he looked him straight in the face with a hint of anger behind those mysterious blue eyes of his.