• The new kid
    Today, I am starting a new school. “I wonder what her name is?” said everyone. As I went into the classroom, I wondered if I could tell who the nice people are and who the mean ones are. Well, we will see.
    “Class, I would like you to meet Kaitlyn Barclay.” Said the teacher. I looked at the class and saw boredom on their faces. I want to get out of here. “Hi everyone!” I said. Nobody awnsered. Ok well I’ll take my seat I thought to myself. “It’s time we do some school work” said the teacher. “Today’s subject is Math.” No wonder everyone looks so bored.
    It’s time for lunch and nothing looks good; all we have is hamburgers that doesn’t look that good, and a sandwich. I took the sandwich and looked at the lunch tables.
    “No were to sit?” said Amber, one of my class mates.
    “Yeah” I said.
    “Well you can sit with me” Amber said.
    “Ok” I said and followed her. We had to use the extra table because the others were full.
    As we went back to class, everyone was talking. I knew I was late but I thought it was only a couple of minutes instead of 5 minutes. The teacher came in and sat at her desk, looked at me and said “Why arent you in your seat?”
    I just looked at her closely. This is not my teacher, this is a sub. Hmm, no wonder everyone was so happy and talking so much.
    “Well, as you guys know, I am a sub and your teacher gave me a test for you to do when you get home.”
    Wow I didn’t know that a sub could talk more than the teacher.
    As I got my back pack and put my 20 page test in it, the teacher stoped me and said “How was your day”
    I just looked at her and said “It was ok.”
    “That’s good to hear, I’m going to give you an extra day to work on this ok.”
    “Ok” I said. As I got on my bus the bus driver asked “Where do you live?”
    I gave him my paper the teacher gave me and I was on my way home. What a weird first day. I’ve never had a sub before.