• You and Naruto are like 8 and 9 yrs old.You're name is Amaya Chi Hayashi.
    I am a Neko."I am considered a freak because of my tail and ears."I told the boy that was crying on the swing about 5 minutes ago.The boy said "I know how you feel." "How?"I asked The boy told me a sad story about how he had a demon fox sealed inside him called the nin-tailed fox.He also told me how everyone told me how everyone called him a freak and a monster and how all the kids' parents told them to not go near him.After that he said "By the way I'm Naruto Uzumaki.U? "Amaya Chi Hayashi"Amaya=NightRain and Chi=Blood.Naruto said that he was told that the 4th hokage sealed the demon fox in him and died doing so,and about his parents being killed in the battle to.He looked like he was going to start crying again til I told himsomething I bet he would think he would never hear."Naruto I don't think you're a freak or a monster I think that you're a hero!!You saved the whole village and everybody in the village!He looked up at me in shock that someone he met no more than an hour and a half os so said something like that."It's true Naruto you're a good person and a hero!He smiled at me then he asked "What about you're story?" I told him about how I came to the village because my mother died awhile after my birth.I also told him that my father and village were taking care of me until a little while ago when they tried to kill me but I got away and came here.I finished my story and looked at him.His head was down so I asked him "What's wrong?" He said it was nothing and that he was sorry but I told him that it was no biggie.Then while we were enjoing the scilence when Naruto stomach growled then mine did. "I guess we're both a little hungry."Yeah I guess so."I said "So do you want to go get something to eat?" he asked "Sure!!" I said. And that is my story.After that Naruto and I became like brother and sister.
    Well thats it hope you like it!!!

    This is you but with cat ears!
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