• I've been forced to run away from my village, since there's no way to learn the skills of a wizard or rogue, because the elders that created the village centuries ago didn't have the means to teach one how to be a wizard or rogue. However, I've been willing to learn magic and stealth, hence, I've been an outcast to most in my village. It's been 5 years since I've seen my best friend, a half-human cat named Rintika, whom accepts the fact that I hope to learn to be a wizard-skilled rogue, partially for the reason that she managed to train herself to be a rogue as well. With my dagger in hand and supplies in backpack, I donned my magic-infused leather armor to go find Rintika, and hopefully find the secret underground hideout without using the secret passage that I normally used, since I collapsed the tunnels that go from the village to that secret place to ensure that the secrets don't spill into the village. The last time that I had seen Rintika, she had given me directions to the hideout, which can be accessed via a small shrine in the middle of the borders, which has a secret passage there. Under the cover of night and shadows will I go to find my friend, because it's that late that I can go without having any of my two siblings or my parents following me and getting me thrown into the prison; since that's what happens to rogues who get caught. I'm afraid that in order to help, it'll take more than Rintika and I to get all to see the light, but I can't free the other rogues and wizards now, since I must get my stuff to the underground hideout, for Rintika and I must live there as long as we have to in order for the rogues and wizards to be free. I must go now, who knows if I can ever be able to write in this journal again or not.