• I never knew something like this could ever happen. Innocent lives lost that could never be recovered, the world destroyed and in a pathetic state. The gaping jaws of darkness are among me. I look deep within as I can see everyone that was close to me smiling motioning for me to come closer. Fire rains from the sky and the envious moon stares down at me. Mocking me.
    I never knew that my powers would put the earth in this sorry state. I never knew that my carelessness would kill my family and put all my friends in danger.
    Darkness…darkness…darkness..., I can hear the darkness calling me. I can hear my father, my true father, calling me into the depths. The beast opens its jaws once again and lets out a long breath. The sigh threw my hair around and kicked up dirt. Its eyes snap open and its large blood red eyes stare at me. It lets out a long roar that pushes me back a few feet. I then hear my father’s voice, my true father, come from the beast’s depths.
    “Come my daughter…leave behind this pitiful world. Forget your existence as a human and accept your fate as a dark angel.”
    I stare at the ground unable to comprehend those words. I can feel the tears that wish to tear their way through my eyes, but I refuse to show him that he has won. No…he hasn’t won. I can still stop this. I ball my fists, stand up straight, and look the beast in its eyes.
    “I…I’m not going. I can still stop this. You haven’t won!”
    I can hear him chuckle. “Poor naive child. Why do you wish to prolong your suffering.” The beast then rose to its feet and unfurled its wings. It began to flap them and it was slowly lifted off the ground until it was hovering over me. “Do not worry my daughter. I shall free you from your suffering. Death shall be the end of your suffering.”
    The beast roared even louder and the ground began to shake. Skeletons hands began to break through the ground and I can sense the painful thoughts of the deceased. I ball my fists tighter as I let my power flow out of me. Black steam began to come from my body and my vision increased as my eyes turned red. The earth around me began to crack as I could feel my strength rising. This is it. This is the fight that was destined to happen. This is my final fight.