• The Legends Son
    By Summer Tang heart
    CHAPTER 1 found
    Cold wind blew across the river. As the rapids took me down the strong current, I dreamed of a black, shadowy, world, were only monsters would feed on innocent lives. Back in reality, only a few minutes down river women with pales of water saw a teenage boy on a rock in the middle of ‘Red River.’ “Oh my lord, Somebody go get help from the men ” an elderly woman gasped with a look of panic on her face Then a younger girl set down her pale of water and raced through the bushy forest to get to their village, while the others got me out of the gut bursting waters then to shore The four woman stared over me wondering who I was, and how I got to be in the river? “ I swear he looks like that legendary Vash fellow.” that elderly woman spoke again. I did resemble him but I was just a 17 year old boy who was not to skinny, but not to pudgy. He had spiky, short, black hair, and had emerald eyes. He also wore ragged cloths of a younger bandit. But my most prized possession was a little brown bag I carried on my shoulder, for in it was a bag that carried my golden dagger, my uncle told me it was from my father, and he wanted me to have it before he would come looking for me. The women continued arguing over who I looked like. “ But only the real Vash was 37 and had spiky Red hair and wore a black bandana over his face ” the others nodded in agreement. Then out of the bushes sprinted the young girl. Her face so gentle with brown eyes of an angel Yet her cloths were ripped but you didn’t really care because her hair was to noticeable. With straight lush, black hair. Nothing bad could be seen by this girl from heaven. The men raced towards me then looked at my face. “ You say you found him in the current of the river? That’s amazing for a young boy to do at his age?” The three men picked me up by my feet and arms, then carried me back to a small yet a sweet village. “ Father are we going to take him to the shrine? Because what if he wakes up and attacks us all?” a tall man stood on the side of me next to the young girl. “Don’t you worry young one, he will be fine and if he tries’ something then I’ll protect you for you are my only thing I have in my world?” She smiled up at him. “ Will he be ok father? For I don’t want him to die in the village... or anywhere else for that matter ” He smiled back at her gentle face. “ You are to kind Arabella. For you heart is bigger than your imagination.” they walked until you could smell smoke from the meals over the fire. “We’ll keep him with us for tonight. After we see the shrine.” Ivy’s father told the group. When the men carrying me reached the shrine they poured some horrible smelling healing water down my head. Arabella’s father kneeled down, “ Please protect this innocent boy. He’s in need of your almighty healing powers. Please heal the boy ” the shrine stood still with its monkey like face staring into nothing. Few seconds of silence nobody spoke, then they carried my away. Nights darkness raged across the small village. Leaving everyone to rest peacefully. My head was pounding with no hope nor happiness. I woke with my head covered in a bandage and Arabella sleeping on the foot of my bed. I slowly opened my eyes then sat up, still until my eyes adjusted to the light.“ Arabella still in their? She must be worried about that boy. I haven’t seen her like this since that separation from her brother, Mike. Poor child, I better go get her.” a mummer from out side grew louder as strangers came down a hall, then the knob on the door slowly creaked open. I quickly threw myself against my bed. Then the bed lifted up an inch for the father had picked her up and was leaving the room. His thick hands and broad shoulders grew larger when he cradled her. His shadow was huge compared to mine. Yet somehow you could feel a kindness about him, even if you did not see him vary well. Once he was gone I slowly got out of the warm, itchy bed and listened to hear what was on the other side of the mystery door. Nothing was heard for a couple minutes. So I silently opened the door then I quickly ran out to find a long yet small hall. “Is this a castle? I got to get out of here, before those strange people find me.” my voice echoed along the stone hallway. Then the door behind me suddenly swung open and the man who came into my room stood in the doorway with a surprised look on his face Knowing what he really looked like made me panic. His eyes weren’t kind at all A mean look swarmed around him, it was different in the room for some reason? “Boy, it’s alright I’m not going to hurt you.” His voice was gentle. Should I believe him? No, wait but he sounds, Stop Nobody can be trusted that’s how I survive around here My thought was right, around here nobody can be trusted, for if you trust someone then they’re bound to turn on you once you start to like them around. “Just like my Dad,” my voice shook under the thought. “You’re just like him.” The man tightened up a bit.
    “Lad please come with me.” All I could do was stare at him my eyes watered. With all my might I quickly flung myself around and burst away from him. “Stop Him, Quickly Before he hurts himself ” He ran after me trying to keep me in his sights.

    All the men were gathering behind me as I outran them all. Shouts of them became soon distant as I found myself alone again in the empty forest. The shadows danced all around me as the villages torches were lit. “Why should t-they care s-so much for s-someone t-hey do-n’t even know?” I fell to the ground crying. Tears poured out of my emerald eyes. I knew I kept everything hidden all these years, but know they were letting themselves out. “Why Uncle? Why, why, why Why did you promise me he would come back ? Then why did you leave me ? Why ” choking on my words I kept crying and crying. The forest felt rather like I was the only thing being loud. The bushes on my back and rocks imprinted on my knees. The pine trees looked down on me as I let everything out even if I was 17, everyone cries. Lights grew brighter and brighter until a firm hand touched my shoulder, it’s warm touch made my forget what I was crying about. I threw myself into his leg and hugged him for a long period of time. All the village’s men were looking at me and pitying me. “What is your name lad?” His gentle voice appeared once again. I slowed enough to talk but kept getting interrupted by heavy gasps for air. “My name is,” I stopped thinking what would happen if I told them my real name. “You can call me Tod Silvermoon.” I didn’t want to tell him that my real name is Krad. He held out his big thick hands, I grabbed them. He walked me back to the bedroom with all the other village men going back to their rooms. I crawled into bed with the shock of the cold covers made a shiver run down my back. “Goodnight,” he paused a moment. “Sleep tight, Tod.” A grin grew on his face as he turned to leave. Before he could leave I quickly shouted, “Wait, sir ” He froze then gradually turned around. “Why did you all come after me? You didn’t even know who I was.” He smiled then sat by my side in a small wooden chair. “Well, we have a rule. If you’re in the village, you’re apart of the village. Then another follows that. Once your family, you never leave our hearts, we’ll be protecting you as long as you’ll allow us.” And with that he got up and went back to his room, leaving me to pounder about what he said. The sun burst threw the window onto my face. “Tod, Tod It’s your birthday today Eighteen years old Well it was the first of July so we made that your birthday, so anyway you eighteen ” She was seventeen now. Her hair was down to her middle back area. Her face still so smooth and gentle. So wore a dress that was the lightest shade of pink and sandals to match. “Leave me alone, Arabella Just two more centuries!” I plowed my face into the bed so I couldn’t see any light whatsoever. “Yeah, sure. Like that’s going to happen.” she used her ‘pity’ voice on me. Arabella then hopped onto my bed and jumped right into my back. I just laid there, no movement, no breathing. “Tod? Oh no. Tod? Please wake up ” She started hugging me. My eyes opened enough to see her sit their talking to herself. “I killed him, my god?” Quickly I jumped at her forcing ourselves to fly to the floor, Arabella on top of me. It was just like a romantic scene in a movie, the light from the window made it all better. Her hair and face glowed, but mostly what made it better it that she had her ‘I am now mad at you’ look. All I could do was laugh uncontrollably. “I got do good didn’t I?” my eyes looked into hers as I continued to laugh. “But you really looked dead, it was like you were. You’re skin had started to turn pale. And shouldn’t you be severally hurt? I did hit you hard.” Her faced had changed to sorrow. “Nah, I’m fine enough. So do you want to get off me and go get breakfast?” She nodded the said, “Sure but do you want to go for a walk in the forest instead?” I nodded in agreement. They must have something planned or she’s just being weird. Anyway it’s a beautiful day for a walk in the forest.. I grinned once I thought of what I mite get for my birthday this year. As we walked along the soft flowing stream I realized something? I haven’t seen my father for fourteen years? So many long days have passed not knowing who I really am? “ Hey, Tod? You alright?”Her gentle hand on my shoulder, her eyes looking in to mine. As I skimmed her face a crackle in the group of trees and bushes startled us that we both jumped. “What was that?” Arabella clung to my arm as we ducked into the cover of the bushes. “ I don’t know but I’m going to find out.” Before I could even flinch she pulled my closer. “No Tod, don’t. It might be our surprised party and I don’t want anybody hurt like two years ago!” I laugh a bit as I remembered Fred jumping out of the bushes as I knocked him out with a stone. That year I was having nightmares about rabid wolves in camp. “Ok I’ll try not to hurt anyone, unless they have an invitation.” I took my small dagger out of my belt then crawled through the bushes. As I was starting to get up a sudden object flew over my head running away towards the village. It was a large deer that’s all. But why would it run toward me then the village? I glimpsed at Arabella, still looking at me. I nodded and went to get up. As I stood a sound of a longbow at the ready. I started to turn to face the challenger. “Don’t face me!” I froze closing my eyes. Arabella was about to get up when she froze then slowly sat down before she was to be seen. “Now drop your weapon and put your hands behind you r back.” His voice so deep and firm. It sounded like he had done this before. As I slowly did as he was told another pair of foot steps came up behind me to tie my hands. “How many of your men are going to keep hiding? Ouch!” The mans elbow rammed into my back as he put a blindfold on me. The leader, most likely the man with the longbow, just laughed a second and started to walk away.

    CHAPTER 3 Talos
    I could feel the sweat roll down my neck as I was tugged along. I hope Arabella is alright? If she got even a small scratch then so help me, I’ll slaughter these men! My thoughts echoed in my head for a few minutes.“Let us take a rest. The boy might be getting tired.” The smoothest voice spoke, the leader. Still though, why would they care if I was tired? And why did this have to happen on my birthday? “Hey, lad?” The smooth voice spoke to me after an hour or two. But I didn’t respond. “Boy? Listen to me. My name is Sir Henry Doyle. I have come from East England, only two days walk from here. I heard you were the boy with the past I need to know. I’m the Kings royal guard, I need you to help me. Can you?” His voice itself asked. A long pause between us made it a bit tiresome. “How can I trust you if I can’t see you?” My head turned trying to see anything at all. “If you know who I am then we would both be in danger.” “I understand completely.” I could hear him stand up and stealthily walk to the fire, joining his brethren in a dance.