• <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Chapter 2" Trolls !?!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Litch stood there facing trolls, his heart raced it felt as if for every two breaths he took one was deducted. It was a cool night and a swift breeze brought Litch back to reality. Trolls... they were described as man eating savages in his home lands, but these seemed peaceful and religious.

    Him and the preachers gaze met, for what seemed like hours untill another troll stood up and quiely said in almost a whisper "He has awoken." soon the other trolls stood and started too sing somthing that sounded like this.

    "oh to the high-. oh to the high-. let our spirits guide-. for the one is here. for the one is here. And let our spirits walk a seperate path-."

    thats all Litch could make out the rest took form in a Troll language called 'minnhor'. Litch didn't get why they would sing "the one is here the one is here" he wondered if the pearl had to do with it. Even if it had what really mattered is if they were savages, though Litch doubted it he had to keep his guard up.

    Now the preacher took a step forward and said in an odd and almost jamacin accent, "young one, what is your name and how did you end up here?" Litch replied, "I am Litch and i don't know how i got here the last thing i remember is falling asleep last night.

    The preacher now took a long sigh. Litch couldnt tell if it was from relief. "Litch i can tell from you right now that you are thinking of the rumors spread from the derection you came from, the east... yes they do rumor us man eaters or savages but the plain truth is that we are religious men."

    "H-how did you know what i was thinking." "Litch, all men who live in the east or west will here the rumors and take us at first glance as savages." "But when you washed up along shore we saw the Drako pearl. and you will need training if you are to use it correctly. So i would like to introduce you to Grazeor your trainer."

    Then appeared a man dressed in leather spauldrens a leather cap moccasins and a mail armor vest. He bowed and Litch now was in training.