• one day, Mr. Steve thought about...pickles; so he ate a peanut. instantly he had magic powers!!!!!
    ! and he became an old grandpa. so he could his powers to invert colors and turn food into...not
    food and not food into food, he could also change things into there opposite and throw chopsticks
    randomly! one day, he was walking down the yella brick road when he got mugged by elmo, elmo took
    his money and fled into a large pit. Steve, remembering he was magicy, jumped in and found himself
    in a pit full of lions and tigers(but not bears) THAT WERE DOING The LIMBO! he was invited to join
    them for limbo dancing and dinner with the muffin puking monkeys, remembering that Elmo had mugged
    him, he drank a bottle of water, then said no. they got ,mad at him ...and then came the army of
    BANANAS IN PAJAMAS!!! *Song plays* moo? moo?! mooo?! blasphemy! wait...what? suddenly he found
    himself inside a cactus/cat incinerator+chips! it went off and he appeared in a small dungeon with
    a viking in it. he stood there for a second. the viking had words appear above his head that said,
    "get YE flask." so Steve typed "Get ye flask" and the viking said "you cant get ye flask!" so steve
    sat there wondering why on EARTH he CAN'T get ye flask!!and then...DANCE CONTEST! suddenly, two DDR
    platforms appeared next to a TV screen; WITH BUNNY EARS! and um...the announcer said...um..."DANCE
    CONTEST! lose and you will be plummeted into...A PEN OF RABID...CHEEZE!!!!! who dumped there
    rabidity all over him. out of nowhere Yoda came out with a sabor and stared the announcer in
    543y5012650256 pieces! and stole his soda! Steve saw Elmo run by with Clifford...so he got out his coolio reddish-
    orange cape and flew after him. he chased him for 3 days and 3 nights and one lunch break.
    and then he ran away to the space circus in Kyoto were he made a ton of money and bought a computer.
    after he bought it, he got an account on (in a lisp) RunthcaPe and P-owned n00bss! he played so much,
    he became the worlds biggest nerd and got awarded the one and only time remote! bananas in pajamas!
    all of the sudden, aliens tryed to ultra nuke earth, but right before it hit steve pressed pause!
    everything paused and!(a duck in a bubble floats by) almost everything stops then! so steve took the
    missle and P-owned that nuk like some sort of bad cous-cous! he was then awarded the deed to the non-
    pirate WORLD! and everybody else moved to banana ougt 5...except Mason...who was shot by a triggahappy
    noob in Combat arms, and he had huddled in a corner of Ben's hideout and sulked. once he came out, he
    became a rabid alpaca and tried to kill Steve! Steve lead him to the mountains and froze him into an ice room
    with a computer so he could rs yo!!lol! and in the a loop of a crazy song was played forever...by the name of...
    "Its a small world"*DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!*...and the cake was not a lie!

    the...en...OK its not the end whatever!

    so Steve went on his computer and found that there was a virus in his compy! so he downloaded Stick Man Anti-Virus and
    lasered out that virus! yay! cheese was eaten at the victory banquet! and the 3 pigs got sick cause they are allergic
    to cheaze. 私は知っている! 下肢が不自由な権利か。 それらのブタはcheezeの300000000000000000000000000ヤード以内に病気にならなければあることができない。. so ya, ANYWAY!
    Steve felt bad for the pigs and bought them some rum in Port Karmaja. so ya, they got drunk and were killed by more rabid
    lama's. and everybody was vaporizer by the penguin in a jet packs jet-pack9001.
    THE END...

    and then we sniped Ben..with a laser point banana gun...and he somehow lived...and got married? to a cup of noodles!
    and they had 2 kids which they named chopsticks and Oreo cookie...ummm....yeah....
    then he died from....bird flu...+ chicken pox....and turkey pox. Sorry dude.

    truly the end...