• Chapter 1: A Coincidence stressed (boring chapter i swear!)

    "Well, I certainty think this THING I'm carrying should and will be born today!" sighed the bed-ridden mother-to-be. Of course she was tired. It wasn't her fault that she was pregnant, but her husband's for not using a effing' protection device.
    The bed creaked as she rolled over onto her side, her attempt to get comfortable which wasn't going to happen.
    "Yeah...... when rocks can walk and when trees can talk" said the father-to-be. He was pretty much doubtful that the thing that they have conceived was going to be born..... today that is.
    "I'm seriously serious, I really do think so, baby. Are you even listening to me, Lindo?" (Lind-o) said the wife. She stared at her ignorant husband for he was plugging his ears.For it was very annoying to listen to his 23-year-old wife rant about when the baby was going to be born!
    For a few minutes she waited for him to stop humming and stop making himself deaf. Then when she got tired of waiting she slapped his shoulder.
    "OW! What do you want from me, Marylyn! Jesus Christ" yelled Lindo. Of course it hurt she had muscle... somewhere. He started to remember when she was thin, FULL of muscularity, and her hair was as gorgeous as the stars in a cloudless night. Yeah, he knew he meant she was a platinum blond.
    "I want you to listen to me!" she complained. Oh great, her emotional process of pregnancy. Why must all men have to suffer through this? She started to cry and Lindo just let he drench his tan shoulder like it wasn't the nasty eye water.
    " Well, I'm definitely not going to because you always say its going to be born today and its not! It gives up my hopes" said Lindo getting up from the feathery bed. He looked around for his tan tunic and breeches. Marylyn being the clean-freak and all made it hard to find them. This time it was easy. They were left on the floor next to him.
    Quick as the wind, he pulled on his breeches and went out of the room pulling on his tunic. Lindo did love Marylyn, but he was on his last nerve with her moodiness.
    As he jogged down the not-so-decorated hallway he grabbed his slip-on shoes meant for the poor. He sighed as he knew they might have to give up their child for they were poor and lived in the town of recruits.
    Lindo totally skipped his breakfast and ran outside into the snowy, cold air. He shivered for he didn't have enough money to even buy clothing. Before he ran off, the door behind him slammed open.
    "Don't go off to the bar, we don't need you drunk and then get a hang over the next day after" said Marylyn. She was pretty much shaking from the cold.
    "I won't! Now go back into the house... now!" said Lindo just about to snap on her. He couldn't wait for his child to be born. The devious part of him came out and laid out a plan.
    His plan was to steal his child away from her and leave her in despair on his own fault. Lindo was sickened with himself then. To think about just taking his child and leaving his wife in total hatred towards him and depression from the kidnapping of her child.
    Lindo jogged faster as he saw the local stable. That was where he would get his other love. His baby that lived in the cold all day. It wasn't her fault she just couldn't come home with him due to the lack of space in their land.
    When he arrived at the entrance, he didn't hear a single foot-step from upstairs. How unusual? Lindo walked around looking for his love. The isle he walked down was the stable line, all of them empty.
    He looked into the last stable and his love wasn't there. He gasped and glared as he saw both his horse and his equipment was gone. Lindo was furious as he realized he was horseless.
    Lindo screamed at the top of his lungs and stomped around like a small toddler in a humongous temper tantrum. Then a thud vibrated through the air. He stopped his tantrum and started to look around.
    He went to the other side of the building and found a ladder. For the love of life he didn't dare just climb up THAT ladder. The ladder was dripping in the scarlet liquid. It made him want to climb, but his common sense kept him grounded.
    Shadows from above danced and then he heard the window shut on something and a groan of pain and then the window slammed shut onto its window pane. Then a shadow appeared on the pedals of the ladder and a sack dropped from the hole. The shadow danced away and ran out the window, breaking it in the action.
    Lindo jumped away from the sack and then the sack just automatically opened like it was a flower on its blooming state. Lindo studied what was in it.
    In it was a teenager about 15. His body was covered in his own blood and cuts and bruises decorated his face, legs and arms. Blood drooled from the boys mouth and neck. The boy had brunette, shaggy hair and was also covered in blood but also dusty in dirt. His eyes was just like Lindo's, a deep blue. Not only that he had in common with the boy he was also built and beautiful.
    A tear fell from his eye and then he wrapped the boy back up, not able to study any further. Before he closed the boy up in the darkness he saw yellow paper in the boy's slashed up hand.
    Carefully, he grabbed the paper and closed the boy up and tied it tighter.
    He stood their reading it. It read :
    Dear Villagers,
    We have decided to take a small visit to this town of recruits, for we need more people. May this be a warning. All that refuse to join will be killed and thrown into boxes filled with dead fishes and maggots.
    May all of you live in peace, Love Edmunder (Ed- mon- der-) the 6th.
    Lindo stared at the piece of bloodied, yellow, paper as it shook in his hands. He crumpled it up and stormed out and looked around the building.
    Lindo ran around the building till he found a pair of horses. One mare and one stallion.
    The white as paper mare whined and backed away. The black as night stallion walked to Lindo with no problem for he owned this horse for he owned 2 of them. The stallion was named Baron for his huge size and black set of devil eyes.
    Baron snorted and the mare just walked over, ears plastered to her skull and her tail whipping like a vine loose from a tree.
    He tied the mare he knew was named Star Shine for she was glowing in the sun to Baron's saddle and started to run ,hurrying for his life and Marlyn's depended on him for the assassins could be anywhere.
    Then when he reached the door, he whistled for her. She came out and stared surprised.
    "C'mon!" yelled Lindo hoping she would. She did and came over.
    "What?" she asked so confused.
    "Just saddle up and run" said Lindo removing the knot in Star Shine's reins and let it fall off. Marylyn did as he said and then they ran......... together.

    Trust me it wasn't that bad in the end but the beginning was so suck-ish. But it is worse in my journal so enjoy or don't.

    <3's from ME!