• Hi, I'm Suzuki Shadows. I'm a seventeen-year-old mess of a girl. You see, yesterday, I met this boy. Devin. Devin Marshall. He's really cute and really funny. Devin calls me Suki, how cute!

    "Hey!" I called to Devin. "Hey back at 'cha!" Devin shouted back, jogging to me. I began sweating; Devin was scaring me a little. We told each other everything, even deep secrets. But I'm afraid Devin's not telling me one detail in his life.... he was standing right in front of me. "Hey, Devin-" I stepped back "-how are you?" "Thirsty." Devin smiled. "Don't look at me like that, Devin!" I was getting annoyed and really scared. "Suki, listen, dear. I love you, but I can't tell all my secrets to you. I have one more secret only my family knows, and they're the only ones who will ever know! Got that?" Devin half-smiled. "No. I don't." I sobbed.

    I moaned slightly and rolled off my bed. Devin asked me to meet his family today. Guess I gotta, I thought. So I stood up and got my shoes on. I ran to the car and drove to Devin's house.

    "What a house." I muttered, smiling. The house had only glass walls and I felt like we were flying in a forest; trees seemed to go forever by this house. "Glad you like it." A girl said. A boy that looked a lot like Devin held the girl back. "Ok, Suzuki. The girl is Fiona, Allisters girlfriend. The boy is my brother, Allister." Devin explained. "Hi, Fiona. Hey, Allister." I said. Allister looked dangerous. "Hey, weren't you on 'Most Armed and Dangerous', Allister?" I blurted out. "Yeah." Allister pressed his lips to mine. Sure, he was hot, but Devin was mine.

    I awoke to screaming. Fiona's screams? No, my screams. Allister and Devin crawled to me. "What's wrong?" Allister brushed the back of his hand on my face. I suddenly missed my dead father. "You're wrong." I pushed Allister back. He hit the glass wall, shivering. "Guess I don't know my own strength." I laughed.