• Prologue

    Scarlet’s mother and father lay helpless on the ground, surrounded by flames. The sky was a dark red and lightning tore across the sky. Thunder rumbled menacingly in the distance.

    Scarlet knelt by her parents and sobbed bitterly. “Mother! Father! Please don’t give up!” she cried.

    Her mother looked up into Scarlet’s pleading eyes and sighed. “My sweet, sweet daughter…,” she began. “You must go on without your father and I. We just can’t fight the inevitable anymore….”

    “Yes, you can!” Scarlet pleaded. “Please! You can’t let those terrible humans capture you! They’ll run tests on you and treat you like dangerous animals! Then they’ll kill you!”

    “They won’t catch us alive…,” her father coughed. “They can’t uncover the secrets of the Faeries. They can’t run tests on us. They can’t….” He shuddered fiercely and his body went rigid and cold. The labored rising and falling of his chest stopped as he became forever still.

    “Father! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Scarlet screeched, her vision blinded by stinging tears. “Don’t die! Stay with me! I need you! Father!” But it was no use. He was already gone.

    “Scarlet…. My beautiful daughter…,” her mother began. “I don’t have much time left, either. Before I go, I want you to have this….” She revealed a gorgeous necklace adorned with priceless rubies. “This necklace holds ancient Faerie magic. With it, you can strengthen your own powers to overcome any obstacle. I’m not able to harness it anymore, but maybe you….”

    “Mother, you can’t.…”

    “You must take it, dear. The future of the Fae Realm lies in your hands. You must continue the journey alone and recover the Fae Orb. Only you can save our home. I’m counting on you, Scarlet…. I love you….” With that, she too became still.

    “I love you too, Mom….” Scarlet trailed off, then broke into another fit of sobs. Tears rolled down her cheeks, but evaporated from the heat of the flames. Both my parents are gone…, she thought angrily. All because of Malfazar and his damned plot to release those dreadful humans into our world. I will avenge the death of my parents. Just you wait….