• I was weepy eyed. Trisha had sent me a dairy. It was a red fresh dairy. Inside it contained the fate of human Trisha...

    Dear dairy
    It's day one and I shall explain what happened. I went into the cave were they were. The group that caused the dark elf iccendent. And pain to my friend. It wasn't dark as torches lit the walls. I entered what was a large chamber. Sensing the pressence of another I yelled "Talk!"
    "Talk?" a voice burst from the darkness.
    "I want to talk please."
    "Humans talk corrupted born with it they are woser than vampiers (no offence mentioned serouisly) so we must remove this- the potions!" he/her answered. This was not going to plan. "So take this potion-then we will talk without this nature." he/her contuined. Well this offer had been made before. Last time I had declined unaware of the pain I was causing at the time. Now I was ready. I nooded my head. I clear glass bottle was given to me. I felt the cold potion in my hand. I guzzled it down and I felt....no differnt. "I've been told this lion one is in devlopment..." He clapped something. It was impossible to see him/her because he was cloaked in darkness. A person emergerd "My one has ordered me to show you to your cave." I blinked. "Come soon to be lioness." Well here I am writing and feeding you with words. And I might as well mentione that when I awoke frome my nap I had fur on me. Just a few groups of hair but it's pretty.

    Dear dairy
    Day 2 and I was awoken from my sleep by the same person from yesterday. "Come soon to be lioness." We reached the cavern of "friend". I stared hard but I couldn't see him/her. But I couldn't. "Sunlight apparnetly strengthens your growth." A small opening appeared at the far end of the cavern. Sunlight filthered in. As in a trance I moved foward. The rich warmth of the sun poured onto me. And I felt so strange...

    "...and I was complte." I had recived this with a letter. It read "the start of NEW GAIA"