• In the year 1929 there is this husband and wife. When they first get married the husband was good to her but a year after marriage he turned sadistic and so he abuses her. Because of this she tries to cheat on him with other men but he always finds out and when he does he kills them and gets away with it by getting rid of all evidence and making it look like suicide or sometimes buries the body somewhere and the police always overlook him. After killing the other men the husband beats and abuses her again.

    Ten years later, the wife meets another man and cheats on her husband with this man. He is a scientist, he is researching to find a way to switch someone’s mind with someone else’s mind but isn’t making any progress in his research. She manages to have a relationship with the scientist for about 6 straight months before her husband discovers the affair like he did all the others and kills the scientist and gets away with it again just like all the other men. But even though the scientist is now dead it hasn’t stopped him and his research, because he is now continuing his research in hell.

    A couple weeks later after the death of the scientist he finally succeeds in his research. He has found a way to switch someone’s mind with someone else’s, but it is the mind of someone dead with the mind of someone living. The scientist switches his (dead) mind with the mind of the abusive husband’s (living) mind. Now the dead scientist is alive again in the body of the abusive husband while the abusive husband takes the place of the dead scientist in hell. The scientist in the husband’s body tells the wife what he did and who he is and then together again they are happy from then on.