• This dream was all to familar. I've had it countless times before.

    I woke up. And felt the spot next to me, Kazu wasn't there.

    I freaked out, ran around the house. This spacious house we had only been living in for 5 months. I checked all the rooms, franticaly calling his name. No reply.

    I kept reminding myself "This is just a dream..a dream." but it didn't help.

    Where could my husband be. The word husband doesn't seem to fit right.
    Where was my 'soulmate' when I needed him the most.

    I ran outside looking around at the forest that surrounded our house, nothing. I screamed out.

    I screamed and sat up straight in bed. Gasping for air and crying.

    Kazu was there next to me, his arm around my waist, trying to comfort me.

    It reminded me so mush of when I barely met him. The nights I'd wake up in pain because of what my abusive father had done. And the words he had said then, he was saying now.

    "Poor Ami."

    Yet my life wasn't so bad anymore, after all I have
    A New Life.

    A New Life is what the second book will be called. This proluge explaind things. So after you read this dont be look for 'Poor Ami' anymore look for A New Life.

    Coming soon so stay tuned.

    -~-~-~ The Characters have grown older-~-~-~-

    ~~The new Ami~~
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    ~~The new Kazu~~
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