• One midsummer’s night I was foolishly night jogging on the hiking trails in the middle of Cottage woods. I grew up in these woods, played in these woods and had never seen anything bigger than a deer. The moon and stars were unusually bright over the lake that night and I couldn’t help but stare. Not paying attention to where I was going I didn’t turn were the trial turned and ran off the ledge down a steep hillside. Tumbling down my body hit a multitude of rocks and branches cutting and bruising me. Suddenly a sharp pain hits my head and I knew no more. As I laid there passed out I dreamed of amazing colors and of simmering wings but mostly I dreamed of deep purple eyes that held such sadness in them. When I awoke I was in middle of an unfamiliar parking lot. Looking down at my body I saw that I was barefoot and wearing a blue dress that seemed to be made of silk also my wounds were gone. A man approached me “young lady are you all right?”
    “Were am I” I ask he looks at me strangely but answers anyway “you’re on the Cottage ST. on the new side of Merry town”
    “New side?” I ask confused I had never heard of cottage ST. before.
    “Yah thirty years ago they cut down cottage woods to expand the town. This is the new part of town”